Diet and health: Consequences of poor nutrition

Diet and health

Eat your food like medicine,

Else you have to eat your medicine as food

You may find this statement inimical but, it is true. When we hear ‘diet and health problems’ is not always ‘obesity’. There are various different health problems related to diet that have discovered in skinny people too. Diet or nutrition is one of the fundamental necessities of a human body to stay healthy and work with enthusiasm all day long.

It will not merely help you stay but prevent many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, eating disorders, and osteoporosis. Here are some diet tactics to keep you going.

Need for good food

Not food but good food is one of the basic needs of healthy human beings. Now, how to define good food? The food which is full of nutrients essential such as protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fibers, etc. You must make sure your everyday food contains at least the required amount of the healthy ingredients.

Eating too much or too less

It is one of the questions asked in scores because too little food may lead to malnutrition and too much to obesity. Other eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge-eating disorder. Then what is the best quantity we should consume?

Many a time our diet get affected due to the emotional, social, physical, mental, and environmental conditions. This is perilous to your overall health hence as mentioned earlier we need to take our food like medicine. In proper quantity, on scheduled time, and without fail.

Poor nutrition? How does it affect us?

Poor nutrition is one of the grave concerns in many corners of the world, particularly in India.

On the Global Hunger Index India is on place 67 among the 80 nations having the worst hunger situation which is worse than nations such as North Korea or Sudan. 25% of all hungry people worldwide live in India. Since 1990 there have been some improvements for children but the proportion of hungry in the population has increased. In India 44% of children under the age of 5 are underweight. 72% of infants and 52% of married women have anemia. Research has conclusively shown that malnutrition during pregnancy causes the child to have increased risk of future diseases, physical retardation, and reduced cognitive abilities.

Therefore, it is essential to take care of our nutrition as well as the people around us by any possible means to help the nation’s health mission.

Overeating and problems

Obesity is an obvious flip side of malnutrition. Where the number of children dying underweight, obesity emerged as the chief health issue.

According to WHO, worldwide, at least 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese, and an estimated 35.8 million (2.3%) of global DALYs are caused by overweight or obesity.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in India in the 21st century, with morbid obesity affecting 5% of the country’s population.

These demises arose due to the diseases fall down the road with obesity. Such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, osteoporosis, cancer, and other heart diseases.

Modern diet (junk food) and its impact

In the 21st century, youth is under this giant problem they couldn’t disregard and resulted in an increased number of demises. Junk food, for instance, pizza, burgers, cookies, fried pies, etc impact your overall health. It not merely affect your heart or stomach but deteriorate your health from head to toe.

Junk food contains calories, fats, and sodium like health-hazardous contents in inept quantity.

Frequently occurring headaches, depression, acne, or hindrance in breath could have resulted from your cravings for junk food. This is not it, chronic diseases such as heart disease or stroke, high cholesterol, weight gain (probably your chief concern these days), high blood pressure can also have arisen from junk food.

Not mere one or two but scores of problems or simply every health issue is due to ignorance of diet.

There are many such undesired health problems you may need to face if you ignore your diet. Hence, one and all should include fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts in the diet.

Eat what your body needs, not what your temptation!!