Smart ways to beat Diabetes

“Diabetes is blessing in disguise”

It is very difficult for someone to accept that he is diabetic. Diabetes requires regular conscious adjustments in lifestyle day in and day out. You have to understand the conditions of disease and discover the new practical ways to deal with it. You can not cure diabetes. Moreover, you can delay its chronic complications. In fact, rather than focusing more on diabetes and its complications, we must determine to find a solution on beating it. By and large, this article will help you to discover Smart ways to beat Diabetes.

Smart ways to beat Diabetes

Diabetes is not a curse, neither a silent killer but a blessing indeed. Healthcare professionals consider diabetes as ” Healthiest Disease”.

Be Alert.

Many people try to control diabetes with only medication. Trying to control diabetes with medicines is like running a half marathon. To win diabetes, lifestyle modification is equally important. Maintaining a right balance requires a great deal of your attention. Else, diabetes becomes progressive and severe.

If you aggressively control your diabetes you will live longer. Living with diabetes, a person needs to be active on all parameters.

Right Attitude

Even though it feels like, but there are not many differences in diabetics and a normal individual. Your positive thinking itself can help to beat diabetes and you can enjoy a healthy life. I will say it is the gift of diabetes which provokes you to make necessary changes in your attitude.

In some ways, the problems involved with diabetes makes you more determined to excel at whatever you do. A good understanding and a positive outlook are important in looking at the advantages of diabetes. Change your thinking and habits toward diabetes.

Eat Right

Combining adequate proteins, fats and carbohydrates can control the glycemic load. Your aim should be to reverse insulin resistance.

  • Emphasize more on unprocessed and low refined food. Starches in adequate quantity are good. Low or No to high-calorie diets. Carbohydrates intake should be as much as 40 TO 50 % of the diet.
  • Proteins contribution should be around 20 to 30 % in your diet. Protein-rich food like red meat, seafood, eggs, high fiber diet, food containing omega-3, soy products improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Fats intake must be around 30% for the proper balance of diet. Avoid saturated fats like processed meat, fried and baked food, dairy products. Seafood, olive oils, nuts, and vegetable seeds are useful.

Careful meal planning is important. Meal habits like taking a meal every 4 hours (rather than 2 heavy meals i.e. Lunch and Dinner) a day and finishing meal at least 2 to 3 hours before bed helps to keep glucose-insulin homeostasis.

Exercise regularly.

Though a diabetic, it helps you to be in good shape. Regular exercise will help to manage diabetes. Vigorous exercise like brisk walking, gym workouts, Aerobics, Yoga, etc are very much helpful in reducing body fats. Time duration for exercise depends on your stamina. At least 30 to 60 minute is approximate. Exercise significantly improve insulin sensitivity.


Careful regulation of diet and exercise helps to gain self-control also. It makes you more disciplined in other areas, such as in study habits, attention to detail, and punctuality. Self-discipline is the greatest asset can be developed from having diabetes.

You can accept all the help you can get or you can fight the disease without help from others as well. Care yourself while in traveling or going somewhere.

Being responsible

Though diabetes is not a thing for enjoyment. Moreover, we start thinking of yourself and family too. Also, we start saving money. Being a diabetic, we need to reconstruct our life and start to live it to the fullest.

Generally speaking, diabetes is an alarm of consequences of the damages you have already done to your body. Learn as much as possible about diabetes. And figure out a way to beat it on your own. It teaches you to be more responsible, more sensitive and more matured.

Family matters a lot

Did you ever think how much easier it would be if your complete family gets excited towards making you stronger?? Yes, it can be possible. It helps to you to look at diabetes as healthy and amusing experience.

Getting support from your family and loved one could be your biggest strength. Engage yourself in relationships and career.

No stress. Be happy.

Why think about it too much?? At the last don’t think too much about the disease. Just live your normal life. The more you think more stress will occur that will raise your blood sugar as well. Certainly, the efforts you were taking to control since last few days will go into the rain.

Stop the stigma

What people will say?? Poor awareness about diabetes and how it affects the sufferers bring this situation. It is the route to recovery. Many times, people think diabetics are sick and can not lead normal lives. It’s time to learn how to eliminate this stigma.

It is not surprising that people try to sympathize with you. You will be overloaded with the advice from them whether they are educated in this field or not. Try to avoid such gatherings and false support.

Always take help from your healthcare provider for advice and help.Finding right team is very much essential for you to lead a healthy life. Be in the surrounding of a person who loves and cares you. And never hesitate to reach out to them for help and advice.

Sharing challenges, situations, struggles and successes with your peers may be the best way to overcome issues related to the disease. Understanding conditions, improved awareness, and connectivity can enhance your quality of life.This will help you to live a life beyond survival mode.

Diabetes is your past, present, and future. Make a promise to yourself that diabetes will not stop you. You have to adopt the basic changes in your lifestyle to lead a healthy life.

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