Hypertension awareness is key to increase life expectancy

Being diagnosed with hypertension or high blood pressure can be extremely difficult. We have to adjust our life after a diagnosis like that can be tricky. Moreover, there are several things we can do. Educating yourself is one thing we can—and should—do.

Hypertension, usually labeled as a silent killer, is highly perilous to children and adults. The number of patients encounters hypertension is multiplying day-to-day. Since every research was done in medicine is to increase a life expectancy, which requires awareness.

As it is a silent killer, do not show any symptoms till gets chronic. Awareness is vital to hinder its prevalence. Hence, before you call yourself fit and fine, learn the complications and beware of the silent killer.


We should know why the world is highly concerned, where hypertension could lead and what would be the complications. High BP is life-threatening and can actually lead you to death without making any noise.

Some complications are the heart attack or stroke, aneurysm, heart failure, weakened blood vessels in kidneys, thickened, narrowed and torn blood vessels in eyes, metabolic syndrome, trouble with memory and understanding and Dementia like threats.

It is regardless of whether the mother doesn’t diagnose with hypertension, elevated blood pressure before conception may raise the danger of pregnancy misfortune. Also, it is considered as a marker of other chronic diseases such as obesity or diabetes.

Raising awareness

The major concern in this regard is the knowledge of consequences and leading factors. Hence, during this week of WHD, all the partner countries with WHL promote hypertension awareness among people by all possible means.

Looking after the increased cardiovascular mortality resulting from hypertension or high blood pressure, The World Hypertension League (WHL) initiated World Hypertension Day on May 17. This day is to spread the awareness among hypertensive patients around the world.The first step towards better health is to know where you stand currently.

Accordingly, the theme of WHD will be ‘Know Your Numbers’ for the five-year period 2013-2018. Approximately, one-third of people with hypertension are unaware that they have the condition. However, little research has explored the efficacy of interventions to raise awareness of this serious problem.

Education: Know more

The more people who are aware of hypertension, the more people will understand what patients are going through. Once they understand the severity of the disease, people may be more inclined to help with awareness. It’s not only you but also your friends and family should get involved.

Role of government bodies and health organizations

Governments and allied service departments, professional societies, nongovernmental organizations and private industries hold a responsibility to spread awareness through several media and public rallies.

Many clinicians and hospitals are setting the standards by making sure their patients understand the importance of having blood pressure checks. They also promote ‘how to manage’ high blood pressure techniques in their campaigns.

Agile Workplaces

It is very unfortunate that most of the workplaces in India are set up to promote ill-health. The machine hours has increased and people are sitting for 6 to 10 hours a day for work. Even they don’t follow the recommended exercise of 30 minutes at home. It costs to their health, organization, and society as a whole. Workplaces should be designed offering better health prospects and management, considering the high prevalence of hypertension.

Role of Social Media

We can also concurrently disperse the awareness using our social media accounts and mouth to mouth information. With social media, it can be very easy to share posts, videos that explain the severity of hypertension and the impact the disease can make in someone’s life.

For a woman

As mentioned above, hypertension can be the cause of pregnancy loss. It is very much vital to taking care of the conceived mother during this period. Also, post pregnancy, breastfeeding for longer duration may reduce the risk of hypertension in mothers. These are the several critical and valuable things one need to be aware of.

Team up

Team up with the hypertensive patients to spread the awareness. These are the real sufferers who will share their experiences, difficulties, and challenges. More people will be able to connect and understand their story to live with hypertension. This will encourage both sufferers and others to raise awareness and live healthy life ahead. Help yourself and others fight against hypertension in this week.


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