stupidity in COVID-19

An epidemic of Stupidity in COVID-19 is tough to manage

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other health-care employees are foot soldiers in the battle versus COVID-19. Daily they place their lives on the line where the coronavirus isn’t just a prospective threat, it is a clear existing danger. In this mass casualty situations, medical professionals are authorizing more death certifications every day than at any point in time of their careers.

Yet it’s becoming apparent health professionals are expanding frustrated with the behaviors of certain patients. As opposed to appreciating them, we are being mischievous. Deliberately or accidentally, we are making currently dangerous work riskier.

If the many are being punished for the wrongs of a few, the medical fraternity has actually shown that they are fed up with this kind of irresponsible conduct. And well they must be.

Let us look at different circumstances;

  • One of the most egregious examples, certainly, is the incident that transpired at a Hospital. A father attending the birth of his youngster lied about having COVID-19. Others roamed around coughing, sneezing, and contaminating the center, revealing the clinical team and various other clients to the infection. The regrettable outcome is the hospital has actually taken the extreme measure of omitting all fathers or birth partners from the labor room.
  • A team of patients with corona infection presumably produced a ruckus and misbehaved with the female medical professionals working at the quarantine ward. They spit on them and also touch stairs railings. Female staffers had to be removed from the health center due to their stupidity. The medical team interfered to end the debate between the patients and also the various other health center personnel over-serving of food. Yet, the patients joined forces against the medical professionals and apparently heckled them. The doctors had to secure themselves up in their duty room. The people then supposedly attempted to break open the door of the quarantine ward to run away. When the staff informed the guard about the ruckus, they declined to go into the quarantine ward since they did not have PPE suits. The physicians had to offer them their own PPE kits after which the guards compelled the patients right into their wards and also controlled the situation.
  • A driver who rides the auto used to take all precautions of COVID-19. He constantly uses a mask. Every single time he touches something, he cleanses his hands with the sanitizer. It’s a surprise that now he is diagnosed with coronavirus. How? When? No one knows.

It should stop now.

The primary clinical officer of United Memorial Medical Center in Houston said he is aggravated as coronavirus cases continue to rise. Dr. Joseph Varon is amongst the doctor that are distressed at the growing deaths from the infection. Yet he stated people choosing not to listen to guidance on just how to stop the spread of COVID-19; makes the battle harder.

He further claims, “At today’s time, We are basically combating 2 wars: a war versus COVID-19 and also a battle against stupidness. And the problem is that the first one has some hopes regarding winning. But the 2nd one is coming to be tougher and tougher to treat”.

Why did he say that? Due to the fact that people are not listening throughout the country. It’s not only people seeking screening or treatment for COVID-19 that are causing issues, but also, those who need care or have consultations for even more routine matters.

What is probably one of the most unsatisfactory points, things that frustrate the healthcare professionals is that we go on doing our best to save all these individuals, and after that, you get another set of individuals that are doing exactly the opposite of what you are telling them not to do (1).

Out of recklessness or selfishness, some are lying regarding their health status, concealing symptoms, not practicing social distancing, refusing to respond to screening queries, or ignoring all the health procedures planned to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. A minority of ill-mannered individuals are putting X-ray specialists, orderlies, registered nurses, and medical professionals alike at higher risk than they were already.

Health workers deserve our assistance and cooperation during this situation. The initial means we can help them is to stay home and stay away from each other to stay clear of a fast propagation of the disease that can overburden our medical facilities.

But an additional crucial point we can do is be honest. Everybody must notify regarding their signs and symptoms as well as histories if looking for treatment. This is more crucial than ever before.

While several clinical consultations have been moved on-line or are happening by means of telephone consultation, yet, some face-to-face conferences are still required for life-saving therapy or emergency situation treatment.

While screening, some individuals lie out of concern they’ll be denied service or turned away. Perhaps they are terrified or maybe they’re self-interested and calculating. They can likewise jeopardize various other vulnerable clients, be it children, those suffering from cancer, or the frail elderly.

Lying is a slap in the face to the courageous efforts of health workers. Some are paying off nurses with money for ‘special favors’ for their loved ones as if you have the money you can buy anything. Definitely, such childlike practices should be penalized.

Negative people can do unknown harm or their foolishness can unjustly spoil things for conscious individuals who are following public health guidelines.

The track and also trace system, for instance, depends virtually totally on public collaboration. Dishonesty puts stress on the patient-health supplier relationship by fraying the bonds of trust.

You will find many such COVIDidiots wherever you go, a new word coined for the ones who overlook the cautions pertaining to public health or safety and security.

Being honest at this time is vital to shielding health workers, and our own.

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