life after covid-19

Life after Covid-19: A road to recovery

It is quite distressing that despite lockdown – after tremendous efforts of social distancing – awareness through all segments of society – the numbers are increasing in folds when we look at the worldwide corona tracker. Let us derive a draft of life after COVID-19.

While penning down these words, more than fifty lac people got infected with Coronavirus across the globe. Unfortunately, three lac fifty thousand people have lost their lives in the battle. Everyone is mourning – avoiding the virus is like a waiting game now.

Coronavirus is here to stay !!

As the pandemic is deepening into our lives – we are growing impatient. When will it all over? How many days – weeks – months – years? I think it is the time to stop hunting terrible consequences and start adapting with this goon.

Yes, the corona is here to stay, and we have to learn to live with it. World Health Organisation has warned that the virus will be the part of our lives for a period – it may not disappear easily. It will be a gradual phase like HIV or Polio or Tuberculosis – until the development of newer vaccines and drugs.

Our previous article highlighted how this pandemic gave the lessons and brighter sides to lead a better life. It is all about breaking some habits we were living with and persuade the substantial behavioral changes.

Covid-19 and road to recovery

The government should buy a multi-prolonged approach. As per the need, everyone must play their part – be it authorities and lawmakers, or may it every individual.

It is essential to empower and assist local communities for long term measures. How well prepared do you think we are to deal with such a situation?

The resurgence of cases

What does it signify? The virus is always looking for opportunities to spread. Social distancing has played its part till then. However, some parts of the globe have seen the corona resurgence after lifting the lockdown.

  • Countries like Hong Kong and Korea have succeeded in preventing a second outbreak by contact tracing and targeted testing. Implementation of such a pattern will help to control the new cases and the resurgence as well.
  • Permission to work or travel should be given based on immunity and susceptibility.
  • Many of the countries are monitoring and tracking infected cases digitally.

The psychological boost

I am not an economist or an expert in the area. Governments have already announced the basic aids to boost the economy. Now, officials are responsible for implementing the development assistance to citizens.

  • Moreover, many of us are suffering through anxiety and depression state. The prohibitions are haunting many of us with job loss or some financial insecurities.
  • No one knows what the future holds. It has made us weak not only physically but also psychologically.

Healthcare system repair

Across the globe, every health care system is struggling with some unprecedented issues like rising costs, uneven quality, etc. And, coronavirus has exposed our healthcare systems’ weaknesses. It is a wake-up call.

Every day, news are making rounds like – ambulatory services unable to reach to the needy – many cases lost lives amid falling short off ICU beds – ventilators frequency is quite low, etc.

As said, the corona is going to stay with us, and the possibility of newer pandemics can’t be denied. We need to be future-ready. The authorities must notice some basic health care system;

  • How many hospitals do we have?
  • If they are enough – how many beds and standard ICU’s available with them?
  • To control such pandemics, do we have state-of-art research labs and testing facilities to serve? Are we well equipped with high-end isolation centers?
  • Cost of expenditure on medical treatments in urban regions.
  • The status of the rural population reaches primary medical aid.
  • Safety kits and measures to health care workers.
  • What is the backing plan if the current healthcare system is with more burden?
  • Healthcare laws need to be revised. Digital is the world, so it should be ready-made healthcare facilities.

ONE health – A novel approach

In the coming future, the concept of “One Health” could be promising to combat various outbreaks. It is the most urgent and considered as a contingency plan for fighting such pandemics.

  • It is an initiative where Human Medicine and Animal Medicine will collaborate by incorporating ecological and environmental science.

Balancing the ecosystem

The news of clearing of the sky – air becoming clean – the increased peaceful life in the cities and metros – reductions in pollution – have made headlines. We might have heard of animals roaming on the roads in towns and cities. It is a reminder that the universe is not only for humans.

  • Is it not possible to implement a lockdown day every month?
  • To reduce the traffic burden, odd-even formula? Etc.

Lead a normal life after COVID-19

We are regularly talking about lifestyle modification in our columns. It includes Healthy eating habits, Exercise, Good sleeping schedule, and control of some bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc. Taking some preventive measures will be another addition to it.

It will not be easy, but not that hard too. We just need to inculcate basic routines in our daily life after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Self care

We used to opt for self-care at last. Now is the high time to take care of yourself to prevent dire consequences. It includes hygiene and some self-care habits.

  • Sanitize hands every time with soap, hand rub, or a good sanitizer whenever you come home from outside. Wash your feet too. You have to do the same after using a toilet.
  • After groceries or other items purchased.
  • Help your children to develop handwashing skills. Advisable to wash hands after playing.
  • Use of masks at public places. You may prefer using hand gloves and hairnet also.
  • We touch at least 16 to 23 times to our faces. Avoid doing that.
  • The use of Namaste should be preferred over handshake to avoid any infection.
  • Monitor the changes in your body and report it to your physician if required.

Changing behavior

The eating pattern has witnessed an apparent trend during the lockdown. The people are more centered towards basic needs than a luxury. It has changed their attitudes, behaviors, and other lifestyle habits post-pandemic.

  • We have to focus on hygiene, cleanliness, and essentials.
  • Focus shift towards – Less is more.

Social distancing

  • Obey the social distancing rules in routine life after the COVID-19 is in control after some time. Avoid going to crowded places frequently.
  • If you are going to market, try a planned shopping rather than over visits. Visit such places in non-peak hours.
  • It is agreeable that in crowded cities, buses are running of space. Try to minimize the contacts with others.

Vulnerable People

People with chronic conditions need to follow self-care guidelines at any cost. Because this population is the most vulnerable to any kind of infection of illness than a healthy individual. In particular, a person with:

Final words

  • The government decisions and provisions will be mandatory and abide by all. And we will have to accommodate the situation. Our social sphere will revolve around preventive measures. We have to compromise on privacy to some extent.
  • We have to work on a human-centered approach. We are together regardless of caste – religion – ethnicity – borders.
  • There is an end to the difficult situation we are in at the moment. Our current actions will lead us to a better life of tomorrow.
  • Life after COVID-19 is unclear- be patient – Time heals all wounds!!