COVID-19 and the concept of “One Health”

We are going through an unprecedented situation which we never thought of. Every year, the world is facing some other pandemics like Nipah, CCHF, AES, KFD, JE, etc. Now we are fighting with Covid-19.

The human and animal health has been threatened by antimicrobial resistance and environmental pollution. And the emergence of chronic diseases, human activities, and lifestyle has affected it more.

There is no dearth of Public health specialists including medicos, public health veterinarians, environmental specialists, and wild life experts in India.

Moreover, their services need to be brought under single umbrella. There should be an integrative approach towards good health.

In coming future, the concept of “One Health” could be promising to combat various outbreaks. It is an initiative where Human Medicine and Animal Medicine will collaborate by incorporating ecological and environmental science.

The government and policy makers should get sensitised for linking such experts with state-of-art infrastructure.

In India, there is urgent need for;

  1. Reliable and rapid diagnostics.
  2. Trained manpower
  3. Well equipped laboratories
  4. Infrastructure for rapid response incl. for quarantine.
  5. Indigenous medical equipments.
  6. Treatment options
  7. Advanced treatment options

Government is making all efforts to contain the pandemic. As a responsible citizen, we must stand with government. Let us work together and win the battle against Covid-19.

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