positive aspects of covid-19

Let us explore the positive aspects of COVID-19

Every aspect has two shades – the dark and bright – Covid-19 is not an exclusion. Probably, everyone is talking about negative aspects more – here we are trying to explore the positive aspects of Covid-19.

During the pandemic, there is a huge burden of infected patients on healthcare system – the expenditure as well. The education institutes are closed. Everyone has to bare with some or the other economical loss – leading to poor mental health.

There is no clarity when the global disaster going to end. We all are waiting for starting our regular lives post lock down. The government has started the deliberate lifting and rescheduling the rules in some areas.

Though it is uncertain to predict the life post corona virus – whether it will go back to normal or not – we should keep on looking the positive aspects of Covid-19.

The nature has reacted…

Yes, it is the time for nature to take its course. Where we have seen only growth of humans, cars, abuse, and pollution since our childhood – the mother earth has recovered to a better extent in mere 50 days.

I must say – for the first time – we have had a taste of the benefits of community discipline. It has given a view in how the human race views the planet.

The news of clearing of sky – air becoming clean – the increased peaceful life in the cities and metros – reductions in pollution – have made headlines.

We might have heard of animals roaming on the roads in towns and cities. It is a reminder of that the universe is not only for humans.

Due to high paced life, many were missing – family eat’s together – kinda thing. Lock down has forced us to spend time at home. The family schedule and their approach towards each other is tuned over the time.

The Covid-19 has triggered possible changes in human behavior as well. The lock down has persuade people into rethinking of their consumer habits – and maybe to changing some as the pandemic ends.

The awareness among community towards preventive aspects has increased. A try of better lifestyle will rip results gradually. Staying physically active – looking after your mental health – Healthy eating habits – have helped us to stay away from negativity.

Human-driven environmental changes have threatened earth’s biodiversity. This is the time to develop the newer strategies and implement the baby steps of improvement in favor of more diverse and Eco-friendly planet.

It’s time to play our part !!

The lock down will end soon – it will be a gradual process. Post lock down, few lessons we must carry over and must not forget the nature has portrayed some brighter signs – the similar impact can be seen if the long term strategies are put in place.

However, the imminent thought remains the same – Will life go back to normal after Covid-19?