Make your heart a promise on this World Heart Day

The World Heart Federation global campaign for World Heart Day (29 September) focuses on looking after our own hearts, and the hearts of our loved ones.

The theme for this year is My Heart, Your Heart…”What can I do right now to look after MY HEART… and YOUR HEART?”

My Heart, Your Heart

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular disease will remain the leading cause of death through 2030 and nearly 23.6 million people will be affected, mainly by heart disease and stroke.

Do you take care of your and loved one’s heart? It is very difficult to recognize the early symptoms of a heart attack. Signs and severity may vary person-to-person.

Talk to your family members about how each of you can start making healthier choices. Committing to a healthy lifestyle and encouraging your loved ones to do the same can improve everyone’s overall wellness.

What should you do…

1. To prevent heart problems.

2. When someone has a heart attack 

  • Call for help or emergency services
  • Everyone should stay calm and make the sufferer relaxed
  • Take an aspirin (Take advice from a healthcare provider)
  • Perform CPR

3. After a heart attack

Make your Heart a promise!!

The main call to action for this year’s campaign is to make a promise. A promise as an individual for a healthier heart.

This is just a short verse….
I thought I’d play my part,
To get the message across
For a healthier heart!
Exercise more, there’s no room for cheating
Eat natural food to keep your heart beating.
Cut down on salt, enjoy some fresh fish
More fruit and veg and less meat on that dish!
Go for a walk enjoy the fresh air
I’m saying these things because I really do care…
For losing a loved one… to heart disease
Is such a sorrowful feeling, which I hope to ease.
While prevention is key, that’s the best start
A real lifestyle change can still help your heart
 Enjoy your lives, stay chilled and calm
Losing the stress will do you no harm.
I’ll leave you now with a sobering thought
The choice is all yours…
A long life or short?

[Originally published in a magazine Heart Matters. A poem by Joe Huscroft, from Darlington, County Durham, was inspired to write this poem after losing his father to heart disease. He also had a heart attack in 2012 and had an angioplasty and stent. He is keen to make other people aware of the importance of healthy lifestyles. ]

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