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7 workout myths you must know before you hit the gym

Often I go to a garden for a walk in the morning. It gives a lot of physical and mental stability. Wandering, meeting, and a while chat are so pleased and wise sometimes. One day on such a gossip, one of my female friends aged 30 shared her gym experience.

She went to a gym for two complete months with an intent to lose weight. However, later after two months, she realized there is nothing much has been changed. Eventually, she left the gym and now goes to a garden every morning and does yoga and other moderate exercises. Surprisingly, she has lost eight to 10 pounds in a month.

This is not to misapprehend the ‘gym’ term. Because what happened to her was the result of her false notion. Few of the workout myths we have amassed here.

1. Yoga is not a real workout

It already sounds bizarre because the world has accepted, Yoga is one of the best practices to maintain physical and cognitive healthStill, few people believe it is not a real workout.

2. More gym time is better

When people spend hours in a gym, they consider that they are doing better. But according to a study, 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day produces the same or even better results. So for better results, you should see your physio to know the perfect time according to your ability.

3. If not feeling sore means you didn’t get a good workout

When we mold any physical activity in our routine, we get used to it. Similarly, when you hit a gym or a regular doer, you may feel mild pain which is normal. But if you find any of your body parts sore sharp, you must see your doctor.

4. You must workout everyday

It is an old saying that the more you do work more your body be effective. But your body also needs time to rest and recover worn-out muscles. So there are the term ‘active recovery days,’ which means the day or two one should take a break. This break will not harm you. Rather it will give you better results.

5. Running on a treadmill is equally effective as running outside

You must be thinking; running is merely a physical activity that can be done on a treadmill. You surely can, but when you run outside, you just not run but against wind force which involves more of your muscles. Undoubtedly, it requires more energy and so is 10 percent more efficient than running on a treadmill.

6. You cannot work out if you are sick

Merely a mild pain may be due to yesterday’s exhaustion, or some other tiresome physical activity should not restrain you from exercise. But if you are suffering from any viral infection or grave health issue, consult your doctor before you hit the gym.

7. Working out at home is better than working out at the gym and vice versa

It is one of those notions changes from person to person. Exercise is the most essential and selfish practice you involve in your routine. Because your fitness and comeliness will benefit you only, it is completely rational with your determination or motivation to work out.

A home gym is a good concept to save your efforts and time. But your dedication decides how long you will stick to this self-disciplinary act.

Adopt healthy habits and burst out these workout myths that are more harm than good.

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