mental clutter trigger

What Can Trigger the mental clutter these days?

Now that you know some of the most significant kinds of mental clutter that could be causing you to lose focus, it is vital that you understand some of the specific causes that trigger mental clutter even more.

The ability to release yourself from the burden of knowing that you could have done something differently is essential if you want to find mental clarity.

The News

For many people, the daily news can be a trigger point that ends up causing unnecessary worry, guilt, and stress. These days, it can sometimes seem as if everything on the news focuses on violence, controversy, or negativity.

If you are used to watching the nightly news, you can determine if it is a trigger point for you by keeping track of how you feel afterward.

Either write down how you feel, or you can use your phone to record your feelings. It’s essential to take note of the emotions that might arise that are associated with the types of mental clutter discussed previously.

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Once you’ve recorded your feelings after watching the nightly news, take a few nights off from watching it. Take a step back from the chaos and see how you feel. You may find that your mind is a bit clearer when you refrain from watching it.

While this doesn’t mean that you should completely hide from current events around the world, by recognizing that the news can sometimes clutter your mind in unexpected ways, you might be able to protect it better when necessary.


Another trigger point that may cause you mental clutter is the subject of money. It doesn’t matter where you are in regards to your career; money is something that causes everyone a lot of fear, worry, and even regret.

If you continuously think about money and how to get more of it, there are a few things that you can do to help you think about it less. Start by altering your mindset.

Rather than being anxious and worried about the lack of money you have, try being grateful for the money that you do have. Then you need to be upfront with yourself about where the money you do make is going.

After you determine where you spend your money, you can start to cut costs wherever possible.

The Past

Another trigger that leads to mental clutter for many of us in the past. Sometimes the past is simply a reference point as we move through life. However, this doesn’t mean that we should allow the past to define our future.

When you focus on the past, it can seem like your inner demons shine brighter than they should. We’ve all made mistakes, taken others for granted, and have done things that we are not proud of.

When you focus on these negative aspects of your past, rather than the positive ones, you are more likely to be overly hard on yourself.

If you can start to think of the past as being less defining to who you are today, it can lead to a less cluttered mind when you are making important decisions.

Your Current Habits

It is entirely natural to get stuck in your current ways, even if the circumstances don’t make you particularly happy.

If you feel as if you have an attitude that you can’t change things because it’s just the way it is, then this is a great place to start decluttering your mind and gaining mental clarity.

If you think that your current circumstances are causing a significant level of mental clutter, in your life, then you should look at your associates, your material possessions, and your job to see if any of them need altering.

Then make a plan to address these things so you can get rid of the mental clutter and gain more mental clarity and achieve greater success.

Final words

There is a common thread that runs through these six types of mental clutter and can be best described as an inability to let go. Also, you must have to identify the trigger points of mental clutter to move ahead in life.

If you identify with any of these kinds of mental clutter, the chances are high that you are sometimes too hard on yourself, which can block your ability to gain mental clarity.