What is cardio? Types and hidden benefits

An exercise of any type is to monitor your fitness whether you do a heavy workout at gym or practice yoga at home. Physical activity improves muscles strength, boost endurance, increases energy levels, make your skin glowing, and keep your brain and heart soundness. Similarly, there is one kind of exercise called cardio is known for cardiovascular health and weight loss.

What is cardio?

Cardio simply stands for cardiovascular exercise and as the name suggests it is best for your heart health. It keeps your heart rate up and makes you breath heavier. Every kind of cardio helps you to involve the major muscles of your body so to stay fit overall.

You need not do it so often, three days in a week 30 minutes per session are enough to keep you body soundness. If you have an adequate time you can add cardio in your schedule. There are numerous benefits you will later read in the article.

Types of cardio

There are different types of cardio exercise varies according to the essential benefits.  Such as weight loss, heart health, respiratory health, improve sleep pattern, and boost self-confidence. Exercise pattern changes a bit from each other but it benefits overall body health. Here is some sort of cardio exercise;

  1. Walking
  2. Cycling
  3. Running
  4. Jogging
  5. Swimming
  6. Jumping rope
  7. Kettlebells
  8. Rowing
  9. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and different subtypes
  10. Elliptical
  11. Air climber

Every type of cardio is the best and help you to combat many different health issues.

Hidden benefits of cardio

We have learned that cardio works for overall body health, but few benefits are always in opinion polls such for heart health, weight loss, improved bone density, relieve from depression and anxiety, monitoring blood sugar levels and for improved metabolic health. But, there are few hidden benefits of cardio which are mostly ignored, however, topped the list.

  • Improves skin health

Our skin is the first thing come into sight and we wish to make it look flawless. We use endless beauty products for that sake, but it would always be temporary. Beauty is something this almighty, this nature has offered to everyone and it must look beautiful naturally.

As we are talking about cardio, then this form of exercise improves your skin health and so the complexion. That’s because of the obviously increased blood flow due to exercise.

  • Enhances brain health

As reported in the research, cardiovascular exercise helps to enhance brain health. This form of exercise works the best for your verbal memory and overall brain health.

  • Decrease risk of chronic diseases

There are some chronic diseases people falling prey due to physical inactivity as a primary cause such as obesity, premature death, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Undoubtedly, exercise or simply physical activity can be an aid to cut down this risk and cardio in particular. It has already been proven the best to lose weight and belly fat, as well to monitor sugar levels.

  • Improve sleep pattern

It is very normal we buzzed off when tired and cardio do that for you like other exercises. The energy you use during your physical activity is restored in course of your sleep and wake you up with a fresh and restored energy.

Even people with insomnia could be treated with this type of exercise. In all, it helps you to enhance your sleep quality and ward off sleep disorders.

  • Lift up sex life

It is obvious when you feel physically fit boosts confidence. Along with confidence it also raises one’s sex drive. And one vital still crucial for couple, stamina, is enhanced. A routine walk decreases the erectile dysfunction in men.

On the whole, cardio works the best to make one’s sexual life desirable.

  • Improves respiratory health

It may leave you out of breath initially since it elevates your heart rate. But, it is actually a very good thing for a long term. You would notice that you do not easily get winded when you walk a little distance, climb stairs or run, which happens before.

It simply has improved your respiratory health and make your lungs work the best and so your respiratory tract. Now, oxygen flows through your body like never before.

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