How to use a menstrual cup?

menstrual cup

Four days of every month are sensibly same for every woman. It is merely a matter of choice or availability how is she cope up with them. Choosing a right alternative in those inconvenient days is as important as you take a right medicine when you fall sick. It has to be tested medically, eco-friendly and comfortable.

Else, can lead to many other inevitable health complications and embarrassment would be the later part if won’t work perfectly. A menstrual cup satisfies all scrounged conditions.

Types of menstrual cup

A small rubbery cup used for feminine hygiene is likely to save the environment and our beloved women. Therefore, it is essential to make it available as per the user’s comfort.

A menstrual cup is available not merely in different colors but according to your comfortability since you are using it for 8-12 hours it must be cozy.

If you are a beginner, a beginner with heavy flow, do not know what size you are, if you wish to go for outing trip, have a lower cervix, and also wish to go for the disposable cup. No matter what is your concern it is available at ease and ready to dominate the market.

How to use a menstrual cup?

This is the most essential part. You can do it in 3 steps.

Before use: If you are using that cup first time then it should be sterilized in the boiling water for 3-5 minutes. When it comes to insertion wash your hands well. You can use water or a water-based lubricant to make insertion easier. Find your manageable position such as lie down, squat or simply stand up.

Insertion: It can be done in two highly recommended methods. One is a C-fold method. Fold your cup in C-like shape and insert it gently and leave it. A cup will unfold and get fit into your vagina. Similarly, a push-down method could also be used. In which you need to place a finger on the top rim of the cup and press it down into the center. You can find your own method which works the best for you. Twist or rotate the cup according to your comfort.

After use: You can use it for 8-12 hours. In the beginning, you can reuse it more often also, it depends on your menstrual cycle and flow. While removing, clean hands and gently pull the stem of the cup downwards. Pinch the base and empty the cup and rinse it with water.

You can wipe it with tissue also, make sure of a hygiene. No foreign bacteria should enter your vagina. You can reinsert it merely after emptying it.

Few cautions

  • There is no need to boil a menstrual cup after every use. However, it is essential to boil it for a few minutes before your first use. Subsequently, you can boil it according to your use for 3-5 minutes.
  • Strictly, do not clean it with hand sanitizer.

Wrap-up words

It takes time to leave those accustomed habits. But when it is healthful and to reduce damage to our health and environment we should not delay.