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How to use Sanitary Napkins? Which are safe to use?

‘Sanitary napkins’ are as casual as other basic needs and we found people enough aware of its use.  Today, women and in some cases, men are also buying it with an audacious attitude.

You might have witnessed that ineptitude while buying stuff like sanitary napkins before. But promisingly somewhat education and awareness enlighten peoples’ minds.

The changing audacious attitude getting common in people residing in cities or developed towns but the area backward in facilities and education is still deluded. This write-up will define the medical aspect of using sanitary napkins and what is beyond hesitation.

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Why do we use sanitary napkins?

Women living in indigence and residing in an underdeveloped region still use newspapers, rags, or any scrap of dirty cloth to cope up with their menstrual periods. It is obvious that all these alternatives turn harmful. Fear of bloodstains leaves them embarrassed many a time in public.

You may be thinking why these women survive in such critical situations when sanitary napkins like the healthful alternative are available in the market. There must be two reasons; one that they are not aware of it and second the conservative outlook not letting them say it loud not even whisper to a shopkeeper.

Those traditional ways of coping up with menstrual periods only impacting their menstrual and overall health. Women are suffering from distinct infections and rashes, itching and burning sensation over the perineal area, Cervical cancer, and poor menstrual health.

More than 80 percent of women do not use sanitary pads and fall prey to cancer like life-threatening diseases. Not affordability but accessibility is the problem today.

Ingredients used in sanitary napkins

Since sanitary napkins are considered as ‘medical devices’, it was always being tried to keep these ingredients secret. When we burn a pad, you may have noticed black smoke and thick residue.

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Always, it generates curiosity to know what ingredients are being used in conventional sanitary pads. It indicates that conventional pads contain dioxins, synthetic fibers, petrochemical additives, odor neutralizers, and plastic. Plastic could alone be the cause of concern.

The plasticizing chemicals present in the plastic can disrupt embryonic development and linked with other severe health issues such as heart diseases and cancer in a roundabout way.

Plastic restricts airflow and traps the moisture which accumulates bacteria like Escherichia coli. Moisture again increases the chances of getting fungal infections.

Which sanitary napkins are safe to use?

The menstrual cycle has become a big cause of concern since women’s health is at stake. It is essential to use the right thing to manage menstrual periods when numerous options are available to you.

When you choose a sanitary napkin out of the list of scraps of clothes and newspapers, next you need to choose the right sanitary napkin.

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There are various types of napkins are available in the market designed based on its ingredients used, fragrance, length, and comfortability. Some are hazardous to your health equally as your scrap of cloth if not used properly.

Therefore, it is always recommended by the doctors and researchers to use biodegradable sanitary napkins which would prove helpful for nature and your health.

Considering all these aspects of nature and women health pads made from clothes and cotton should be used. They do not restrict airflow and not even trap moisture which are healthy conditions for fungal infection. Cotton pads are 100 percent organic, disposable, and not bleached or chemically treated.

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