Conception and doctor visit

Your first visit to a doctor after positive pregnancy test

If you have confirmed your pregnancy and now are willing to see your healthy baby after a long wait of 40 weeks, then you first need to be careful these entire nine months. Any sign or symptoms of pregnancy you have discovered, whether you are sure or not, you should visit your health care provider at first.

If you are pregnant then your physician will start your further treatment with few initial tests and dietary plan. This write-up will get you a thorough guide of medical checkups a pregnant woman should adhere.

First prenatal care visit

The first visit is mostly to confirm the conception if the woman discovers any such signs or symptoms and have missed her regular periods. According to her reports, she abides to follow appointment schedule.

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Appointment schedule is being prepared on the basis of your health condition. If your doctor gets any clue to any risk factors that may affect you and your baby during pregnancy, your visits may increase.

Following are some common inferences can be drawn out;

  • Your due date
  • Health history to determine if any future risk
  • Pregnancy risk based on your age, health and/or personal and family history

You will be asked about your medical history during your first visit after confirmation of your conception. It includes your past pregnancies, miscarriages, surgeries, underlying diseases and exposure to any contagious diseases. Your health care provider also would ask you about your lifestyle which includes your fitness habits, whether you drink alcohol or smoke, or if your husband drink or smoke.

Inform your health care provider if he forgets to ask about any medications you have taken or are currently taking. Such as the contraceptive pills, fertility drugs or been on any specific medication.

What else…

Inquire and inform your gynecologist/obstetrician about questions emerging in your mind about your conception as well the symptoms not normal if any. Such as, What are the specific recommendations regarding weight gain, exercise, and nutrition? Can I have sex? What are the symptoms not normal? etc.

The first visit examination may include;

  • Heart rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Heart and a vascular system
  • Breast, thyroid, lungs, abdomen and nervous system
  • Internal examination of vagina and cervix
  • Blood tests
  • Urine test for protein and glucose
  • The ultrasound scan or other imaging techniques

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Based on your health condition right after the first visit decides the routine you must follow. It will include your lifestyle changes, dietary plans to consume all essential nutrients, doctor visits to timely confirm the child and mother health, and many more such.

Every woman is nervous or afraid during this period of her pregnancy. Therefore, they are stressed sometimes. It affects their and their child’s health. Just be calm and relax you are creating a new life to shape this world.

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