All about menstrual cup and it’s insignificant myths.

If you are a female and use social media you definitely have heard about the tampons and a menstrual cups. And I certainly not amazed if you either have passed over that page or had a notion that this must not be easier to use. Because it happens with scores of women.

Notwithstanding, it is not onerous to use whereas it is safe, easy to use, inexpensive, and eco-friendly. This write-up will help you understand a whole lot about menstrual cup.

You must know, what is menstruation and its medical aspects.

What is it?

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product used during menstruation. It is one of the best alternatives to sanitary napkins and tampons. Its purpose is to inhibit the menstrual fluid from leaking onto clothes. Menstrual cup collects the fluid instead of absorbing which make it reusable. One cup can be reused for up to five years.

Menstrual cups are usually made of flexible medical grade silicone. It is now available in different sizes, and colors since why it emerges as the most comfortable menstrual hygiene product.

Insignificant Myths

Every newly discovered thing bring myths along. Similarly, questions arise or maybe give rise to the myths. Let us unfold them too.

  • There is no age limit to use a menstrual cup. Woman of any age can use it with the same comfort.
  • Whether you are a virgin or not does not bother you from using it. In the case of virgins and young girls’ vaginal muscles tend to be tighter and narrower which can make insertion difficult in the beginning. But once you get used to it, will work similarly cozy.
  • The vagina is an exceptional organ which does not stretch beyond repair. Yes, if you are concerned about the structure then your vaginal muscles will stretch and go back to their original structure like a rubber band.
  • The most common myth is when the cup is full, does fluid flow back to the womb? No. The menstrual fluid flows from the womb into the vagina and through the tiny hole of the cervix to the cup. Muscles are that tighter that they will push back the blood if you even sleep upside down. No fluid will flow back into the womb.
  • You can go for pee and poo with the cup inserted, make sure it is not out of place. More for the comfort, you can remove the cup before going to the bathroom and wash it properly. You can reinsert it once you have done with your natural call. Make sure you are taking care of a hygiene. You can reuse it as often as you want.
  • Cup will not get lost inside the body. Tiny hole in the cervix can not suck in the cup. It can move a bit inside but that can also bring down in 3-4 pushes like you are pushing a baby.
  • You cannot lose your virginity using a menstrual cup. It is completely cozy in that sense also.

Hey ladies, be aware while disposing of sanitary napkins. 

Salient Point

Initially, it is important to learn about this new emerging hygiene product. Anything can trouble you in the beginning but if it is for your benefit, you should give it a try.  You should not let down its benefits falling prey to the myths.

LearnHow to use a menstrual cup with few cautions in our next story.

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