Love can make you lose weight fast

Most people make promises to lose weight but never seem to attain their goals. Perhaps it is because of lack of motivation. Well, one thing can help with increasing the enthusiasm for self-improvement through weight loss. That thing is love. Yes, love can make you lose weight fast.

One of the many reasons why several people gain weight in the first place from excessive eating and lack of exercise may be due to an intense loneliness and the need to compensate for this.

No one wants me anyway”, they’d say or think to them in self-pity “so, it shouldn’t matter what I look like, so let me enjoy something at least!”

This emotion is quite understandable; however, it is not the right approach to handling the situation. Instead of resorting to unhealthy binges as a resort to compensate for being alone, why not make the effort to find that special someone who would motivate you to be a better person.

It is a known fact that the first thing people judge others on is quite simply their appearance. If you don’t look as appealing or at least come off as being concerned about your appearance to some degree, this could be an instant turn-off to most people.

So instead of giving up on you, it will be a much better and healthier idea to make yourself presentable and appealing just in case that special someone comes around.

In addition, when you make the efforts to be healthier and fitter, you automatically create the foundation for increased self-confidence, happiness and a positive outlook on life.

Now, admittedly, it may seem hard at times to find that person to share our feelings with, however, there are still plenty of options to finding someone and it’s safe to say the energy spent on binging and consequently gaining excess weight could be expended in such endeavors.

The choices are really limitless: places of worship, online option, work, the gym etc. Friends, with all these choices at hand, you really don’t have to be alone and use this as an excuse for not caring about yourself.

Even in the worst case scenario: “How about being in love with you?” That’s a start. Christ’s wisdom and subtlety comes to mind here when he says, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself

When you love yourself, you will make the effort to always look and be your best naturally.

Weight loss is easy when partners join

The neurobiology suggests that improving social relationships can help you lose weight. Now, if you are in a relationship already, this should serve as a motivation to want to look and be your best.

To simply let things get out of hand with your health and appearance can make you appear less attractive to your partner, in spite of whatever people say about “it’s not what’s on the outside that matters

A new study presented in ESC Congress 2020, has shown that patients have a better chance of becoming healthier when their spouses join the effort to change habits (1).

A total of 824 patients were randomly assigned to the intervention group or the control group.

This analysis concentrated on the 411 patients in the intervention group. They were alluded to up to three lifestyle programs for weight reduction, physical activity, and smoking cessation relying upon their necessities and preferences.

Contrasted with those without a partner, individuals with a participating partner were more than twice as likely (chances proportion 2.45) to improve in any event one of the three areas (weight loss, work out, smoking cessation) within a year.

When partners’ influence was analyzed in the three areas separately, patients with a participating partner were most successful in reducing weight compared to patients without a partner.

  • Living with a partner was connected with greater achievement in shifting bad habits. The most outstanding upgrades were in patients who partook in lifestyle programs and lived with a partner.
  • Couples often have comparable lifestyles, and changing habits is difficult when only one person makes an effort. Practical issues come into play, such as grocery shopping and psychological challenges, where a supportive partner may help maintain motivation.

Needless to say that…

Love can make you do wrong, can make you do right” I say…love can make you lose weight! Here is to a healthy and happier you.

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