lose weight while sleeping

How to lose weight while sleeping?

You probably didn’t know it, our body uses sleep to repair and strengthen our muscles, joints, and other parts that get tired and damaged through use and exertion during waking hours. It has scientifically evident that the repair process helps you lose weight while sleeping and is considered one of the best times for weight loss.

The repair process uses energy to rebuild lean muscle mass and to help rebuild other kinds of body tissue. That is worth repeating – this rebuilding process uses energy – and if the rebuilding process is running smoothly and efficiently, that energy comes from places in our body where energy is stored – from fat.

In other words, the body rebuilds tissue, organs, bone, and lean muscle by burning fat. Several things about this process are worth noting. They have an important bearing on how efficiently it works.

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Your body is dehydrated through hours of non-fluid replenishment when you were sleeping and after emptying your bowels – more water and wastes are flushed away – your stored carbohydrate (glycogen) is also running low. If you weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast after your bowel movement, you may feel lighter.

Collagen is very important to the body repair process

Collagen is the most common protein found in our bodies. It is the main component of our skin, nails, bones, cartilage, and connective tissue and is found in all of the body organs. Cartilage is the cushion and shock absorber between joints, and the reason we stay flexible and mobile. Healthy cartilage is constantly being regenerated by the body naturally and this process contributes to keeping us youthful and flexible.

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As we age, our bodies lose the ability to produce collagen at sufficient levels needed to support the deep restorative sleep processes that our bodies are designed to perform. This can be a major contributor that leads to a prematurely aged appearance and can definitely affect our flexibility and mobility.

It stands to reason that a collagen supplement combined with other natural ingredients can have a dramatic effect in better supporting the deep restorative sleep process. This in turn can allow the body to experience more energy, build more lean muscle, and burn more fat. Know more about sleep disorders that we may sufferer of.

Amino acids enhance the regeneration process

The rebuilding process is also influenced by the efficiency of the amino acids normally used for this purpose. As part of the rebuilding process, amino acids help maintain lean muscle mass and allow the body to more readily consumes fat for energy. This contributes to weight loss.

Again, as we age, our body’s production of efficient amino acids is reduced. During deep sleep, these special amino acids work like a natural “turbocharger” to help your body repair, preserve and build lean muscle while burning stored fat to supply the needed energy.

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Not eating before sleeping is important

Since the body uses deep sleep for the restoration process, it is important when using a collagen supplement not to eat three hours before going asleep. This is because we don’t want nutrient competition between undigested food and the collagen supplement special nutrient formula itself.

If the body has to concern itself with digestion it will not absorb the collagen formula properly. Therefore your body will not be performing its natural restorative process while you sleep, but rather will be concerned with undigested foods and will actually be storing fat from the continuing digestive process rather than burning fat as the energy for the deep sleep restorative process.

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This tends to put us into a “diet circle of frustration”. The less time your body spends in deep restful sleep (without competing for digestion), the less time it has to restore its natural health, and the less fat that is burned in support of this natural rebuilding process. Now we understand the key connection between deep restorative sleep and weight loss many times goes hand in hand with our overall health.

Reducing or eliminating the intake of food three hours before bedtime allows the body to use its natural fat reserves for metabolic fuel during the deep restorative sleep cycle.

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Listed here are some of the ways you can easily harness your sleeping routine and you’re overnight sleep to aid your physical body get rid of even more calories and keep metabolically far healthier.

If you get on a diet regimen, getting good quality sleep may assist you to shed extra pounds, but it’ll take a while. To burn fat overnight, all blue lighting devices – tablet computer, smart device, and/or notebook – need to go. Research has actually shown that nighttime direct exposure to the blue light may interrupt the manufacturing of the melatonin the body system needs to promote sleep.

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In addition, a study conducted through analysts at Northwestern Educational Institutions reported that blue light exposure during the night enhances hunger and also blood insulin resistance, which certainly leads to bodyweight increase and not just the disruption of the body’s fat-burning energy.

Maintaining your bedroom cool is among one of the most pleasant, stress-free, sleep-promoting options you make your good nighttime sleep atmosphere. A cool bedroom can aid you to rest much better, capable to go to sleep faster and wake less typically throughout the night. A cool nighttime environment additionally encourages your body system to get rid of more calories.

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A night alcoholic drink may appear as it would certainly be super relaxing, yet even any alcoholic beverage too close to bedtime can hinder the body system’s capability to burn fats the way it should.

This is because as opposed to focusing on burning fat as it should; the body system is occupied trying to metabolize the alcoholic drinks rather. Therefore while a glass of red or white wine along with dinner is actually OK, one should avoid having it usually.

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Eat healthy and balanced food, drink enough water regularly, have sufficient sleep, and also exercise. This is going to give you a much higher chance of shedding weight and also improving your health, which will result in a brand-new, healthier you (1).

Specific yoga poses support to relieve the thoughts and calm stress and tension. Perform 10 squats before sleep, followed by planks for 30 seconds. Walking around your house along with push-ups on the knees for 5 minutes may help in getting better sleep.