India to use Plasma Therapy for Corona

Amid corona pandemic, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has given nod to conduct plasma therapy for corona. The Kerala will be the first state to conduct the trial for the therapy.

The Convolescent Plasma Therapy (CPT) is an old procedure to fight against several rare and chronic disorders. Also, it will help to save lives in trauma, shock, and burn patients. Several trials have been undertaken in China and USA already and the results have been positive as well.

The plasma is an important content of blood comprising of 55% of the total. It is yellowish-liquid obtained when components like platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells, and other cellular components removed by the process called Plasmapheresis.

The plasma contain water, salt, enzymes, hormones, proteins, and antibodies. It helps in clotting the blood and fighting against the diseases. When there is an attack by a pathogen or in infection, the immune system produces antibodies against it.

These antibodies neutralize the pathogens or foreign materials and helps to develop immunity and resistance. Means, the antibodies will already present in the body while in similar pathogen attacks.

If the plasma of such person who is recovered from the infection gets administered to a patient who is under treatment, it helps to develop passive immunity. The transfusion helps to develop immune response faster in critically ill patients or in patients who are not responding to treatment.

Though, ICMR has not recommended the trials across India, but the plasma therapy for corona will definitely boost the treatment protocol. The health agencies need support from community. The government should urge such healthy-recovered individuals to come forward and become plasma donors.

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