Bhilwara Pattern

Defeat Corona “Bhilwara Pattern” way !!

Today, everyone is talking about Bhilwara Pattern to defeat corona contagion. It is one of the best system integrated by government officials, healthcare workers, police force, and citizens.

The administration worked on developing a robust system. They simultaneously worked on Prevention and treatment. They enhanced testing frequency along with screening of suspected. May it be a normal cough or cold, surveyed. Those having symptoms were kept in isolation and quarantine.

The lock-down extension will help to break the chain

Though strict lock-down plays a significant role, the 4 step system built by Bhilwara administration is really commendable. This integrated system is the effective management to fight contagion.

It includes;

  1. Security to Corona warriors like Health workers
  2. Increased Testing frequency
  3. Dedicated infrastructure like hospitals, Isolation centers, etc
  4. Supply of essential goods to needy people

In early stage of contagion, 27 positive cases were reported. It had created a panic in Rajasthan. However, the implementation of integrated approach along with strict lock-down has helped to control the pandemic.

Bhilwara Pattern has set an example and brought encouragement to whole Nation.