11 causes of Foot Pain

Which part of your foot has the pain? Is there a problem with movement of the affected area? Though it is quite easy to diagnose foot trauma or disease, they are quite painful and result in limited movement. This write-up will provide you the basic details of foot pain, types, and the causes.

A foot is made up of 26 bones in total. These bones are connected by 33 joints along with muscles, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Foot pain is often caused by improper foot function. Moving ahead, know more about foot anatomy.

  1. The Arch: The foot bones form the two arches, longitudinal arch runs the length of foot and transverse arch runs the width.
  2. The Ankle joint: It is the region where the leg and foot meet. The ankle includes ankle joint proper, the subtalar joint, and the tibia-fibular joint.
  3. Ligaments: These are the fibrous connective tissues surrounding joints. Hence, the foot bones are held together.
  4. Muscles: Along with plantar fascia, thy provide a support to the longitudinal arch. Plantar fascia is a web like ligament that connects your heal to that of front foot. It acts as a shock absorber.
  5. Tendons: The two peroneal tendons runs in foot behind outer ankle bone. One peroneal tendon attaches to the outer part of the mid-foot, while other tendon runs under the foot and attaches to the arch.

The foot pain has many sources and types; heels, toes, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and joints of the foot. Research shows that every 3 out of 4 people experience foot health problems at least once in life.

Type & causes of Foot pain

Pain in foot is not necessarily means a disease. It may due to improper foot function. Many-a-times, shoes we wear are also one of the reason of foot pain. Wrongly fitted shoes may lead to discomfort or pain in toes or ankles or high heels can cause pain around the ball of your foot.

Heel spurs

Heel spurs are the bony growth that develops around the heel bone. It is the calcium deposited forming bony protrusion underside of heel bone.

The heel bone attaches to plantar fascia. The connective tissue get overstretched due to

  • Physical activities
  • Over-weight
  • Poorly fitted shoes
  • Type of job where you have to spend most of the time standing

This overstretching leads to pain and inflammation on heel bone. Over few months, there is formation of extra bone underside and repeated tearing of membrane covering heel bone. Hence, it results in Heal spurs.

It is associated with chronic pain while walking or when something hits the heel bone. The pain is highly severe when we wake up in the morning and place the feet on floor. The pain is also more when we stand up after prolonged sitting.

The home remedies like stretching exercises, use of proper footwear, resting and using cold packs on the heel area could help to soothes the pain.

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is an infection caused by a type of dermatophytes which leads to hard, discolored, disfigured toenail which falls off after some time.

Read more about toenail infection and it’s home remedies in detail, here.


People with diabetes may land up in chronic complications after prolonged uncontrolled sugar. When the blood vessels gets damaged, it is called as micro-vascular complications like diabetic foot.

Read more about diabetes and complication of foot, here.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

One of the early signs of rheumatoid arthritis is stiffness, pain, and swelling in the hands and feet. The condition lead to pain when you walk, run, or do other moving activities.

RH is an Autoimmune Disease occurs when our body immune system attacks our own body’s tissues. It affects the lining of joints, causing a painful swelling that result in bone erosion and joint deformity.

In-grown Toenail

It occurs when the edges or corners of your nails grown into the skin next to the nail. Specifically, the big toe is more likely to get the ingrown toenail.

The condition may cause pain, redness, and swelling of skin next to such nail. It further lead to severe pain in big toe and pus formation also. The wearing of tight shoe worsens the situation. Both teenagers and old age people are more prone to it.


It is a deformity in which the toe has an abnormal bend in the middle joint. It leads to bending of your toe downward instead of forward to look like hammer. The condition may affect any of the toe of your feet, but the second toe is most likely to be affected.

The causes include;

  • Use of improper shoes
  • Foot structure
  • Trauma
  • Abnormal balance of toe muscles cause tendon contraction and tightening

Generally, if you second toe is larger than your big toe, the risk is higher. The issue triggers with age. The women are more prone to it due to use of high heels.

In this article, we have discussed six different foot pains and their causes. Our next article will elaborate another six categories like Bruising, Bunion, Corn, Morton Neuron, Ankle sprain, and injuries.

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