Is salt actually bad for you?

Salt contributes a large part in cuisines around the world. It is not always the amount added during cooking or added at the table having food. Salt is already present in almost every food that we eat every day.  It is naturally available in all foods but at low levels.

However, processed food has a high amount of it. For instance, salty chips, biscuits, and almost all the packaged items. Do not get surprised knowing your sweet deserts also contain salt.

What is salt?

Salt is crystalline mineral chemically known as Sodium Chloride (NaCl). It functions as both preservatives and flavorings. It is one of the five basic human tastes. Salt is not merely tongue’s tempting but is essential for the health of human and other animals.

Not 100 percent manufactured salt is used in cooking. Only about 6 percent in the world is used in food. 12 percent is used in water conditioning processes, 8 percent goes for de-icing highways and 6 percent is used in agriculture. The remaining 68 percent is used for manufacturing and other industrial processes.

Though until now you read advantages and only good uses of salt on the contrary salt could turn out to be the curse. Let see how?

Why is it bad?

Both low and excess intake is dangerous to health, advised salt intake is moderate. A healthy body requires 1500 mg to 3400 mg of salt every day. More or less is dangerous.

Salt is a compound of Sodium and Chloride where Sodium is 40 percent. It means 1 tablespoon of salt contains 2 gram of Sodium.

Low intake of salt

There are few chronic diseases you may fall prey due to low intake of salt. You cannot try to boycott salt from your food. Its trace is essential in food.

Foods that are low in salt- Wheat, Fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, pasta and rice, plain cheese, plain popcorn, yogurt, etc.

1. Lower Blood Pressure

Dehydration can cause low blood pressure. Which can be treated by increasing your fluid and salt intake.

2. Elevated levels of blood cholesterol 

Low salt intake leads to elevated bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

4. Type 2 Diabetes

People who are patients of type 2 diabetes if consume less than an advised amount of salt will be fatal.

Excess intake

Out bodies react negatively to excess intake of salt. It impacts the brain, kidneys, heart, and arteries. It can lead to chemical imbalances and then death.

Foods that are high in salt- Cheese, salted chips, coated chicken, noodles snacks, pickles, potato snacks, salt fish, Soy sauce, smoked meat, etc.

There are few diseases caused by excess intake of salt as follows;

1. Cardiovascular disease

If exceed the standard daily salt intake would lead to risk the heart. It significantly increases the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

2. Edema

Swelling of knees or feet and even hands could be due to excess intake. A high sodium diet causes your body to retain water.

3. Stomach cancer

Processed food is always dangerous to health. This kind of food has excess salt which leads you to diseases due to overconsumption.

4. Kidney ailments

The kidneys play a vital role in remove waste product, balance fluid levels and control the production of red blood cells in your body. Excess intake will weaken the ability of the kidney to monitor these functions.

5. High Blood Pressure

It increases the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) by having a high intake of sodium.

Salt consumption affects people differently. Therefore, check with your health care provider and follow his advice pin-point.

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