7 powerful Morning routines to start the day strong

Many a time successful people share a narrative concerned with their morning habits and claim that acquired glory is an offering of their effective early morning routines. Their wealth, wellness, and happiness are all laid hold off for themselves from ideal early morning habits.

As Benjamin Franklin claimed, “The early morning has gold in its mouth”. In this article, we have tried to share such routines that can transform our lives psychologically, physically, as well as spiritually.

Hitherto, if you are not persuaded to comply with these powerful morning routines we are sharing its advantages. Because our health is the treasure for us as well as it is our sense of obligation to keep its soundness. Below are those benefits of the complying with routine;

Now, morning ritual will assist you to reach out to your deserved destination and help your body to go a great distance. Since there is not an ideal routine that should fit everyone’s lives. It may differ a bit from the pattern of notable people follow, but you will end up with a very similar routine (1). It may materialize as follows;


Early morning wake-up – Waking up early in the morning is the desired and disciplined routine of almost all leaders. You should also habituate yourself to this ritual no matter you would be successful but it will leave you with abundant time to do a lot. Cut down all those habits which do not lead you to be productive in life, sleep early, and wake up early. Advocated time to wake up is in between 4 am to 6 am. It is the hardest part of the morning routines.


Drink water – This habit is always being asked to practice by our elders since they discovered many benefits of it. You can make it better by adding lemon (a few drops). It helps you to improve your digestive system, wake you up faster, reduce hunger feeling, and freshen up your breath.


Exercise – Exercise is one of the compulsory morning habits to make humans happier. It is a proven fact. It may include walking, jogging, dancing, running, weight training, or yoga. You can decide your timing according to your busy schedule.


Meditate – It is simply to focus on one thing or probably to look inside your mind and keep other worries aside. It helps to improve focus, increase memory, reduce stress, and enhances your creativity. You can meditate for hours or just for a few minutes, it would help you to achieve a peaceful and happier life along with the combat mindset to face any challenge that might arise in the day.


Increase motivation and practice affirmations – It is not possible to keep ourselves always motivated and happy. So, we need external motivational stuff which includes the motivational videos, books, quotes, or any other habit or hobby you think inspire you. Similarly, we need affirmations simply self-talk which enlightens our positive thinking and dedication towards our dreams and desires.


Breakfast on time – It plays a vital role in our routine and the most important meal of the day. There is even the old saying, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” It stands true because breakfast helps to regain your famished body after dinner. It must contain essential vitamins, minerals, and protein.


To-do List – Every day you should review and prepare your to-do list before going to bed. You should prioritize your tasks for a day, month, and year. Similarly, we have short term and long term goals that should be reviewed and read every day and this is the right time for it. To-do list would help you not to wander all day aimlessly.

How do you start your day, decides how well you will play the entire day at your workplace.

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