Why do men spend more time in the toilet than women?

I have seen many wives screaming at their husbands for using the toilet for so long. Wondered, if there is a medical reason? Then why would some men spend more time in the toilet than women? Explained here.

Men take so much time to poop than woman counterparts

According to a study published in the journal Gender Medicine, women were more likely to experience abnormal bowel habits and constipation than men. Also, women are slower in discharging their defecatory duties than men.

Means, women seemed to face more toilet-based challenges than men and statistically, they should be spending more time in the toilet to clear-off the things.

The researchers have considered several issues like constipation, stool consistency, and the need to use fingers to evacuate, for further analysis.

Another story published in The Daily Mail revealed that men spent an average of 1 hour and 35 minutes on the commode each week, or nearly 14 minutes a day, compared with women, who spend just 55 minutes a week on the toilet, or almost 8 minutes a day.

The study further found that 86% of men do most of their reading whilst sitting on the toilet, compared to just 27% of women, the UK Bathrooms poll found.

According to a study published in the journal, Neurogastroenterology & Motility claimed that men may see toilet time as a way to get away from the household things. Perhaps, it may be the only place they can actually have alone time (1).

All-in-all, many behavioural issues can be associated with the long sitting in the toilet.

  • Alone or leisure time in the toilet. My time.
  • To skip out the household tasks like baby duties, etc.
  • Watching games on the phone
  • Scrolling through Twitter or other social media
  • Or enjoying video on YouTube

Relationship experts claim it a childhood habit of spending more time in the toilet. And you can relate it too.

A child always hides in the bathroom or toilet to avoid unpleasant family interactions or dynamics, a way to avoid schoolwork, or avoid a parent that was unreasonable and demanding.

Lengthy lavatorial sessions, moreover, can also be a harbinger of more sinister behavior. For some people, there may be reasons for concern that might be far more serious.

Especially if a phone accompanies them to the bathroom, many people might be corresponding with their side girlfriend or boyfriend while sitting on the toilet, or few may have accessed the porn or swiped left or right on the dating apps (2).

Yes, the bathroom is the one place we feel reasonably sure no one will intrude on our privacy, so it provides a great escape for someone searching for one.

The place can be a hideout place for people because no one ever asks what you’re doing in there, even if you take a long time. Or a safe place to recollect the thoughts.

Short of a behavioral and psychological explanation for someone spending a long time in the bathroom, there may be medical reasons too.

While we happily discuss many physical ailments without a second thought, you would never say to your partner or colleague, “I’m having a really hard time pooing lately.” Yes, I am talking about constipation issues.

A slow bowel transit time means the feces that spends longer in the large intestine become dehydrated and more difficult to pass. This results in difficult, painful, and infrequent bowel movements.

The reasons may be the dehydration and poor diet. You can analyze your recent trips to the toilet in detail.

If you have a proper diet with good fiber and enough water intake, your bowel movements should be a very short occurrence.

The medical texts recommend that poop should not be more than 5 minutes. If you are spending much “Alone time” in the toilet, it can actually have some adverse effects, like the development of hemorrhoids.

Also, the toilet straining increases your intra-abdominal pressure and causes congestion of the soft tissues. So, you are more likely to develop piles, prolapse, or vaginal varicose veins.

Most importantly, spending a long time in the toilet could have serious consequences either. 

My words

We might have heard about ‘Bathroom singer’. But, my wife used to call me a “Toilet Thinker”. Reason was the amount of time I used to spend in the toilet.

Various studies have cleared why men spend more time in the toilet than women. And, it is crucial to overcome this frustrating situation. It is like a habit in the last few years or I don’t know, since childhood!!

You need to ask yourself “WHY”. If you alone cannot identify the triggers, have a talk with your partner or the experts. They might help to tame the poor habit.

Do not carry your Phone/Tab/Laptop to the “Alone Trips”.

It is easy to break this habit. I did it. What do you say?

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