Best Motivational Apps To Nail Your Resolutions

6 Best Motivational Apps To Nail Your Resolutions

Phones have now become daily carry, so it’s better to make use of their 24-hour convenience by turning them into your motivation system. Here are seven sensational motivational apps to get you started.

Motivation is the key to conquering your resolutions. With a sufficient amount of motivation in any task or plan, you’ll find your missions complete in no time. The first problem to cover though is, where are you going to get the motivation from?

Some people find that reminders are the best way to keep them motivated. Others like to have a helping hand pat them on the back once in a while when they feel low. So why not combine the two for an ultimate motivator?

The latest trend is to have a motivational app installed on your phone there to support you and your resolutions. Motivational apps keep track of the goals you make and encourage, remind, and reward you when you complete them.

Let us start here.

ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations

ThinkUp touches your motivation on a more personal level. When you use ThinkUp, you create your own affirmations or choose from the provided list. Whichever you choose, you record your own voice reassuring this affirmation.

After recording, play, and listen to your voice as you remind yourself why you need to pursue your goals.

Add preferred music to your affirmations and listen to your own motivated self, telling you why you need to endure through to the end. Sociologists promise this is a great way to motivate yourself in tough situations since the brain trusts its own voice the most.

With this app, you help yourself in achieving your goals, remind yourself whenever you need it. You can feel better knowing that you’re the one enduring to strive for more, rather than have someone else tell you so.


This app helps you on a very personal level. Since you select your own goals, they relate to your exact situation. Hearing your own voice reminds you that there’s really no one forcing you to act. You’re acting on your own free will because nobody wants anything that’s not good for themselves, only the best.

There’s also much due research going in behind this project. Many social experts have contributed to making this app the best it can be, perfect for each individual.

The choice of selecting as many affirmations as you require is a nice touch since some people feel they should do more at once. There’s variety between making your own affirmations or deciding from the already made ones given in the app.

The reminders and scheduled notifications cover you through a busy schedule, making sure that there’s always time for a positive note.


Though this app likes to speak to users on a more personal note, some people may not receive the desired effect from hearing their own voice over and over. Instead, it may give the opposite effect that nothing has changed though you’ve attempted accomplishing what you want.

It may not be the case for every person, but there’s no assurance this is the technique for you. This app calls for a lot of initiative on your behalf to keep updating your goals and achieve them after hearing your recordings.

Initiative is sometimes the issue for people and why they look to these kinds of applications. With this app, establishing yourself takes time and much effort. Additionally, the reward you receive isn’t highly noticeable with this app.

Without a doubt, this app has an elegantly high success rate, but not everyone seems to be satisfied with how it helps. Instead, some people find it a nuisance never seeing any results after listening to themselves over and over.


For an independent person looking for confidence when in need, this is the right app. It helps establish daily goals and a steadier, more positive attitude.

Listening to your own reassuring voice convinces you why you can achieve the impossible and making dreams a reality, really isn’t as crazy as it may sound.

With the help of your ThinkUp app, plans will seem closer at hand than they used to be. If you feel sad, disheartened or distraught, ThinkUp keeps your better half remind you why you can do great things, not the other way around.

When considering a motivational app for your device, ThinkUp is definitely one to try out. It’s easy, consoling and has been proven effective multiple times by many people. It’s an app that can help you through very tough times.

Motivate: Daily Motivation

Motivate lives up to its name for motivation is all it has to offer. With readymade videos filled to the brim with confidence, playlists to alleviate your spirit, and notifications to keep you up to date, this is the app for any busy life.

Motivate offers videos to keep you upright and lifted, ensuring that you stay positive and certain with your choices. These videos are from professionals who work to make you more motivated. With a video fit for as many situations as possible, you can find the perfect way to kick start your engine.

Playlists are also available for people who’d rather listen than watch. With spiriting music and strong-willed voices, you’ll be running with a crowd cheering behind you all the time. You can schedule notifications to remind of all your daily tasks so nothing gets left behind while you work through the day.


What make this such an amazing app for motivation are the dedicated videos installed for daily use. All day and every day you can be lifted with new videos of people reaching out to help.

This makes for great support for introverts and extroverts alike. As extroverts are comfortable with listening to others, any voice can prove a helpful one without you realizing it. Introverts, on the other hand, won’t ask for help even if they do need it. Being able to access professional help without leaving their comfort zone offers them the opportunity to develop confidence while remaining relaxed.

This app can also cover all of your reminders by notifying you at specific times in the day. Whenever you need to get something done, you have Motivate to remind you it’s time to do so. As long as your device is on you, you’ll have a voice in the back of your head, or pocket, to guide you.


This app doesn’t offer any results. It proves to be a terrific push whenever you need one, but when it comes to showing you the results of your progress, there’s nothing to offer. Without a specific result, some people aren’t as motivated as they could be and instead feel they aren’t gaining anything.

The motivational speeches are impressive, but any truly disheartened person won’t budge until they see what they’re capable of accomplishing. Motivate can get you up on your feet but never show you just how you did afterward.

It’s also time-consuming to watch videos each time you feel de-motivated. Some people won’t ever find the time to sit down and listen to a video telling them why and how they should strive.

So when it comes to convenience, this app isn’t light on applying weight to your schedule. You have to take a considerable amount of time out for this app.


This app is great for an active optimist. Most people would love to listen to a motivational speech. There’s much emotion and possibility to gain from just listening to a passionate person.

Passion and ambition are two very contagious sentiments and when you find someone with enough of both, you’ll develop them for yourself.

Motivate can be compared to an impassioned friend. Whenever you feel as though you’ve reached a mind block, you can always consult with Motivate for a push in the right direction. Having a daily dose of motivation makes you feel more confident, happier and exhilarated.

Habitica: Gamify your Tasks

This app is truly a gem for those who don’t like taking everything so seriously. Whoever decided that turning your life into a game was a good idea is a genius.

Habitica transforms your daily tasks and long-term goals into achievements and rewards inside of your miniature gaming dimension.

Each task that you successfully perform makes for a reward in your game. Any task or goal you fail to achieve becomes a consequence for your avatar.

While allowing you to have a good time, this app motivates you to accomplish goals for the sake of your avatar.

This game has become a grand community of people all striving for completed goals throughout the day. With friends to help you grow, you’ll never be bored playing a game that makes you enjoy your chores.


An app that make chores fun, isn’t common. This great success turns angst into determination. For all ages, this app can be played to turn any lethargic person into a hard worker in due time.

This app also won’t make itself feel like a burden on the installer. Rather than pursue behind you, you’ll be following up on it yourself. It makes for a fun, light-hearted game and great support for distracted minds.

You can’t move forward in the game without having first accomplished the tasks you needed to be done.

Therefore, it’s work before play, and then more work to get the play done. Habitica helps keep priorities set straight when it comes to using your phone. IF you don’t complete your tasks, then there’s no game to play. It creates an ironic balance.


There’s no certainty that everyone will use it properly. They may lie when completing tasks or only put easy tasks to get them out of the way. While it’s a good idea to reward with gameplay, some people who suffer addictions to devices will always find ways to continue misusing them.

Just as well, some people will have the concern that they’re being motivated for the wrong reason. Complete your work to progress in a game? It seems a little tricky to understand.

How will they know they’re really accomplished rather than obsessed with a game? For those who approach this idea cynically, it’s fine.

Other than the ideology behind the intention, it’s still a great way to make sure you get done what needs to be done. It proves a good motivator for most people.


This game is great for someone who’s a little scatter-brained. Games focus your attention for a very long time and soon after unknowingly become a daily habit to check.

For those who respond better to games rather than organization journals, this is the pick. Habitica makes responsibility fun for everyone of all ages. You can create your own tasks and goals to fit your schedule and help yourself manage your calendar.

With Habitica, you have a fun partner in crime to control your time management and make rewards more noticeable and exciting, even if you are the only one who gains from them.

With Habitica, work will seem more approachable, not avoidable. No one would rather face consequences than see the benefits of their work.

Since Habitica tackles you on a more personal level, you really get into the game and refuse to let running streaks of accomplishment go to waste.

Forest: Stay Focused

Forest is a clever twist to any motivational app. Rather than a way of keeping track of your later tasks and goals; it keeps you focused on the moment. Opening the app, you plant a seed that’ll grow into a tree. It takes time and lots of it. If you close the app, the tree will die.

This technique prevents you from using your phone so you may focus on another task. You feel motivated to have a full grown tree, so therefore motivated to commit your time elsewhere to allow the tree to grow.

This technique contrasts the common idea of keeping a log of your tasks, afterward earning yourself an award for doing so. Instead, what you do is entirely up to you, only if it’s long enough to let your sapling develop.


This much more generic app for motivation allows you more freedom in immediate choices. Rather sticking to your schedule, you can decide what you wish to accomplish right then and there.

True, sometimes it’s better to know beforehand what your plan is, but sometimes people can’t work that way.

If you at least know that you want the tree to grow once today, brainstorm some ideas of what you could do in the meantime. Read until the tree grows, study a new language or go for a walk.

For an open-minded person, this app is the best option. You may be incapable of creating a list of ideas, so do them as they come.

It’s lightweight and simple to understand. There’s no hassle with this app, only a little dedication. The longer you use it, the quicker you get used to passing time without your phone in hand. It becomes easier to stop what you’re doing and make time for yourself.


One major issue would be the immense dedication you have to commit to this app. With others, they remind you and constantly keep you informed on what you must do. With this app, you are on your own, tending to your time and tree.

You have to be on your game continuously reminding yourself to make time for tree growth, while with other applications; they’re the ones reminding you.

Some people aren’t prone to executing their own plans on the spot and maybe at a loss when using this app.

Forest connects more with patient thinkers constantly quick on their feet, ready to try something adventurous and new. Once given the call to those who don’t feel strong attachment to any of their devices for entertainment and would prefer doing something outside of their comfort zone.


This is an overall extraordinary app for anyone. It motivates you to preferably entertain yourself while waiting for your tree to grow. This proves effective since you receive twice the motivation in this situation. You remain motivated to let your tree grow and also feel motivated to pass the time.

This isn’t how most motivation apps work, but it sure is an intriguing one. Anyone can create a massive forest, each tree representing the time you gave to yourself. Likewise, instead of taking time away from you, Forest gives you the time you overlook every single day.

With Forest by your side, it becomes easier to relax and look to more interesting things in life above your device screen. Having an adjustable time limit allows you enough of a moment to enjoy, focus and motivate you into doing more.

Way of Life!

Way of Life is an active recorder of all your habits. With a daily minute check up on your app, you can help yourself and Way of Life monitor your daily activities. The list of objectives Way of Life can observe and track are endless, just as long as you know how you want to track them.

From bar graphs to reminders, Way of Life covers and aids you in discovering where you went wrong or faltered in progress. It provides you with solid evidence that you’re improving or that something went wrong along the way.

Entering your information isn’t hard, or long at all. Once you’ve inserted all the data you need, Way of Life does the rest and shows you how you actually perform in your way of life.


It’s an easy-to-understand and use app that can fit into any schedule. It doesn’t alter anything in your lifestyle and instead helps you keep track of it. With the proof right in front of you, you can make educated choices for what you want to do next.

Way of Life can even help give you that extra push you need to get things done. If you’re forgetful or apathetic, then Way of Life can help you by delivering scheduled notifications courtesy of your more motivated self.

Way of Life is there to keep an eye on your living status, not try to control. Naturally, you can’t expect an app to grab hold of the steering wheel and direct you to a better path. That’s something you must do on your own, the app is only a little push to help you.


One issue is that some people don’t find the time to add all of their progress every day, meaning that the result that they get isn’t accurate. It’s also easy to forget what you did during the day and not apply it to your research in Way of Life. Naturally, Way of Life can only do so much for you.

There’s a certain amount of dedication you have to give to the app in order for it to make a change in your life. If you can’t even update once a day, then there’s no point to it since its research won’t be accurate.

Another issue could be that some people won’t understand fully what the graphs or notes are showing. The results shown don’t always make sense and so a decision can’t properly be made. For some people, this isn’t that easy of an app to use.


Way of Life prevents you from denying yourself and your bad habits. It can help you create new positive ones and get rid of old bad ones. For anyone who feels results are the only solution, then there are no results better than hard cold facts.

Way of Life helps you see your life from a more statistical point of view. With Way of Life by your side, you can turn around bad habits into good ones and good ones to better ones. Keep track of what you have done and what needs to be done.

Way of Life is great for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a motivator app. At the end of the day, when all is done you can insert your progress through the day and make some new notifications to help yourself stay on track for the next one.

Fabulous: Motivate Me!

Fabulous focuses on your motivation for your health. When you’re practicing dieting or workouts to improve physical and mental health, Fabulous offers just that.

The application works to help you develop new, better, and healthy habits rather than simply remind and record them. It gives tips and advice on how you should rethink the things you do, and what new things you can try out.

Fabulous aims to create a healthier lifestyle and embed it into your routine. With the help of Fabulous, not only will your habits be tracked but improved as well with expert advice offered in each category offered in the app.


Fabulous helps you develop new habits and motivate you to pursue them. By using Fabulous, you’ll have a better understanding of your habits and a steadier progress rate when improving your flow.

It focuses on your health which no other motivation app can claim benefit over. While others will help you in controlling and reinforcing your everyday habits, Fabulous works to establish better ones in your daily life.

The app combines the power of a health instructor, a motivational app, and a calendar to keep you running the right way.


Fabulous is slightly limited in its options. In other options, you can make your own tasks for any purpose even if you just needed a reminder. When it comes to Fabulous, you’re more focused on your health rather than your other goals.

It’s true that you must focus primarily on your health and this is an app specifically made for it. But it’s nice to have a reminder and record of your other progressions and hobbies.

For anyone who wants to keep a general record of their progress or simply maintain consistency in their activities, this may be too direct of an app to consider.


This app is perfect for someone aiming for a healthier lifestyle. Most people realize how much room for improvement there truly is in their lives. Fabulous is the perfect guide to finding the balance between your professional, personal and healthy lifestyles.

Fabulous is extremely helpful in finding a healthier way of life and it doesn’t quit on you. Fabulous can take you all the way to making the necessary changes to your own habits, changing them into greater accomplished and satisfying ones.


Motivation isn’t a hard step to take in life. While in some cases you may feel hopeless and deprived of time, a little push may turn things around.

All of these motivational apps work only to make you feel comfortable and confident that there’s more to what you can do every day.

Whether you decide to grow a forest or jump over limitations one task at a time, progress is the focal point to change.

Take it one day at a time, and soon you’ll see the change motivation can truly bring to your life. Anything will soon seem possible, and impossible will be harder to find.

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