Psychological benefits of having a Morning routine

Psychological benefits of having a Morning routine

Having a powerful morning routine that is engraved in your system and have become part of who you are is not only exciting but something worth pursuing. All you need is for you to audit yourself and take note of the habits that work for you. What areas of your life could use more stability?

One thing that you have to understand is that morning are the most predictable parts of the day. But it only takes discipline and having a routine to reap the productivity that comes with it. All you have to do is tweak a few things here and there by adding on habits you would want to work on gradually to make a routine.

For instance, if you want to start working out, simply add it to your routine. When you feel down, you can write a few sentences about your thoughts and emotions. The whole point is to make that part of your lifestyle and have full control of your life.

This is because, when you start your day with some routine and develop it into a habit, you will realize that you will gradually be adding positive thinking into your life. What better way to build your life than having positivity?

The benefits

According to several health experts, influencers, and business owners around the globe, being successful is an indicator that you have a structured start to your day.

Almost 90% of the highly impactful members of the society have a morning routine. In other words, they have habits that they have cultivated over time and made it part of their lifestyle (1).

You may be thinking ‘so what if you have a morning routine or habits?’ Well, there are so many benefits that you stand to enjoy when you have morning habits, and the good news is that if you do not have one, you can easily build one for your mornings. The core Benefits Include:

1. Self-discipline

Self-discipline is perhaps one of the most important benefits you get by just having a morning routine and habits. In fact, according to so many philosophers, there is evidence that shows that having that discipline of getting up every morning at the same time is a good foundation to kickstarting a good day. It carries over into the rest of the days in the week, and then months and years.

When you enforce an act of discipline at the start of the day, you will simply draw that discipline into various parts of your life. These include your mental focus, health, work, family, and diet among others.

2. Time

The discipline of a morning habit and getting up early every day is one of the most practical aspects of extra time. In today’s culture, time is considered the most valuable asset. If you don’t believe me, look at the success that new time-saving technology like Uber, Amazon Prime, and Alexa’s voice has.

The truth is, having that extra hour to your routine in the morning can be channeled into doing something productive. You can use that extra time to do something important to you that you normally overlook.

Limits Procrastination

I don’t know about you, but to me, there is nothing worse than being rushed in the morning. But I bet this is pretty familiar to you too, right? Ever wondered why you feel rushed? Probably because you pressed the snooze button over and over until you are late?

Maybe, you spent too much time trying to make breakfast or put together your takeaway lunch? What you wake up to is realizing that you did not allocate adequate time for these activities, possibly because you allowed something else eats into their time (2).

Not having a morning routine simply throws you off the internal clock. This often happens when you do not have a definitive waking time. This is because you are constantly snoozing when the clock goes off. When you choose to hit the snooze button, you are procrastinating tasks even before you get out of bed.

This also applies when you procrastinate your urgent tasks to the next. You have to realize how toxic this can be to you. It does not only induce stress but most importantly, it serves as a barrier to attaining your goals and reaching your productivity limit.

Therefore, it is important that you start creating reliable habits that are centered around your wake time so that you set the tone for your day, hence eliminate procrastination.

3. Helps lower anxiety

Over the last couple of months, I have been trying hard to expand my productivity limits so that it caters well to my evolving workload. To my surprise, waking up early boosts my productivity tenfold throughout the day.

In fact, on the days when I get up as planned, I have ample time to ease into the day without necessarily rushing.

Stress is directly associated with increased levels of cortisol. This may lead to weight gain, anxiety, and several other health risks. If you have always been in a rush in the morning, try doing things differently tomorrow. Simply get up earlier than usual and take your time to get ready. Then stroll out the door and get to work.

This goes a long way in lowering the chances of being anxious and developing stress in the morning.

It’s much easier to dive into our to-do list without pressure. The act of checking off several tasks in the morning and creates the momentum that will help you push through the day. Trust me, it is the small wins that matter and pushes you to win big throughout the day.

We are constantly seeking ways to maximize our potential and seizing new opportunities for growth each day. However, we must learn to adapt to changes that occur in everyday life so that we can eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed, something that can strip us of continued productivity.

4. It gets rid of major decision-making

Regardless of how this sounds, the truth is that this is something very important. When you do not have a morning routine, you will not manage your time well, and this simply means that when there are important decisions to be made, you will spend most of the time agonizing over everything. This is something that can cause decision fatigue because of mental exhaustion.

You keep asking yourself conflicting questions that eventually flood your brain with unknowns. You do not need this in the morning, as it can be a huge detriment to the rest of the day. It attracts feelings of being overwhelmed and hence inhibiting your productivity.

When you establish stable morning habits that you do not have to think twice about, your morning becomes much simpler creating room for your brain to make informed decisions that will get you winning the entire day.

5. Mental toughness

Unfortunately, the society we live in today is too soft and fragile. This is because people try to find the easiest way out of every situation, most of which cause us to crumble. What you need for growth and development is a challenging setting.

Yes, taking that easy way out can be rewarding in the short-term, but have you stopped to ask yourself what this means in the long-run?

It is true that waking up early each day may not be fun, but when you force yourself through this discipline and mental toughness, you are adequately ready for any challenge that life throws at you. The truth is, you will be standing when everyone else is not!

To summarize

Yes, it is not going to be easy! Some days will be easy, and others will be hard for you to set yourself upright. You may be ill or lose a loved one or you maybe you are just not in ‘the mood.’ Some of these things may break you and weigh you down.

But does it have to be this way? Rather than allowing the ups and downs of life distract you from achieving your God-given purpose, why not take it as an opportunity for you to learn, pivot, and give it a new perspective.

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Having morning habits that you can stick to is the first step to developing grit and self-respect. In this book, you will learn the benefits of 7 golden morning habits that will help you win the day.

While you have your breakfast, think about the things that you would like to accomplish in the day. With a morning ritual, you have the magic to ease you into the day.

You will be happier, more productive, and have the confidence you need to address tough challenges that come your way. What will set you up for this? A winning morning ritual is what you need.

Did you know that having a good morning routine sets the tone for the entire day? The truth is, there are more bad days than good ones. There are days when we dialed into every little detail, and on most days, we simply react to other people’s demands, feeling messed up and not in control!

In spite of the fact that having a good morning routine can be magical, the truth is that there is more to it than meets the eye! It is the science that you can incorporate into your life to reap extraordinary levels of productivity.

The question however is “Is there one right way to have to win the day?” Well, if you can achieve one good thing in the morning, it is as good as you have won the day and there is a high chance that you will enjoy the rest of the day.

Ask any productive person, and they will tell you that they have a productive morning routine that defines what they achieve during the day and hence, accounts for their success and productivity in whatever they do.