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Do not ignore these weird body sounds

It was my office. We were engrossed in our work and coffee beside. Silence is always the priority in the office and cause of that embarrassment that day. Many of us were checking the watch hanging exactly over the chief executive’s head with furtive glances. Some had already left the office and the remaining waiting for their turn to leave that cage soon. I heard a weird noise, at first, I ignored it since I thought it must be from any machine or from any object.  Next time it was so loud that no one could turn their deaf ear and stop their laughter. Laughs!!

No matter what kind of body sounds, but so weird and left him embarrassed. It was not his fault and not of the ones who laughed. It is completely natural, involuntary, and sometimes unanticipated. And also produced in everyone’s body.

This write-up will introduce you with similar body sounds which may help you unriddle the enigma behind. It will help you to identify the indication of our body signaling.


This kind of noise is the biggest embarrassment you may encounter in the public. Fart is the by-product, including methane, nitrogen, and hydrogen gases, expelled through your rectum. Farting occurs so that the stomach could digest high fibers foods. Fiber has been linked to lower cholesterol, better bowel health, and a slimmer waistline.

Flatulence is the chief concern that may occur due to lactose intolerance. Do not eat those offending food products to ward off this stomach disorder.

Whistling of nose

Healthy beings have experienced this noise when they are suffering from cold. It indicates airflow interruption and may mean excess mucus is lining your nasal passages.

It is normal in this case of illness but if you suffer from a nasal trauma and these whistlings are most frequent should visit your ENTs or plastic surgeon. Because whistling may occur due to a tear in the cartilage between the nostrils.

Ringing in your ears

Unanticipatedly you hear a high pitch beep or buzzing which last not for so long. After a few seconds, this noise will disappear. This cacophony of noises is known as tinnitus. This occurs when you spend unusual time in very loud noise, suffering from infections, or you are aging.

If these noises last for two days causing pain, you must see your physician. It could be an infection or a neurological issue.

Belching and burps

Belching is the noise of air escaping the stomach. It is simply due to the air you have swallowed. Yes, intentionally you haven’t swallow air but it is due to talking with your mouth full, eating hastily, and drinking carbonated drinks.

You need to be concerned when burps occur with burning chest pain or a sore throat might be symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Visit your health care provider and get treated with prescribed drugs.


This sound is sometimes annoying and a reason for drolling. Hiccups occur when your diaphragm spasms, causing an inhale that’s abruptly stopped by the glottis. The diaphragm is partially controlled by the vagus and phrenic nerves.

Hiccups may be aroused due to excitement, nervousness, or stomach dilation after a big meal. You can stop them by holding your breath. It is normal until 48 hours after you must seek medical help since it may be problematic to your central nervous system.

Rumbling in your gut

Growling and grumbling noise coming from your stomach is the sound of air and fluid as they’re moved by muscles through the digestive tract. Rumbling noise on an empty stomach may be a reminder you need a meal promptly or maybe your stomach is sweeping out leftover debris.

If the noise comes with a bloating sensation and stomach aches also if you press your stomach sound occurs is watery, it’s an alarm to see a doctor soon. Sometimes it could be so serious that you may need surgery.

Vagina queefing

It is also known as the vaginal wind, a sound of an air pocket being pushed out of your vagina. It occurs when air gets trapped there due to any reason for instance, during physical activity the vaginal opening closes, in course of a menstrual cycle.

Joints popping

This is one of the most common body sounds we heard from the joints. Creaking or cracking sound of joints is because joints are lubricated by fluid and during any pressure stimulating activity the fluid form bubbles that pop and make noise. Such as when you sharply stretch or fold your legs or hands, sometimes when you sit for so long and suddenly stand up, etc.

These sounds usually occur in normalcy but if it accompanying pain, swelling, or a sense of locked joints in place, it is alarming to see a doctor. Because would be the initial traits of arthritis, damaged tendons, or torn meniscus in the knee.

Wheezing and coughing

Coughing and wheezing altogether is not normal at all. You could have asthma or allergies Because allergens can lead to swollen muscles, obstruct airways, and leave you short of breath. If you experience coughing and wheezing during the gym time, you may have exercise-induced asthma.

However, it is essential to see a doctor if you find these symptoms as well the cough lasts for more than four weeks.

Whooshing in your ears

Sometimes when you block external noise have heard whooshing in your ears. For instance, when you lay your head down while dozing off have heard a sweeping noise. This is due to blood moving through your carotid artery and jugular vein, which run behind your ear.

If this whooshing occurs 24/7 whenever you block the external noise, it is because congestion in your eustachian tube, which connects your nose and throat to the middle ear, also muffles external sounds. It can be treated on its own or with the aid of an antibiotic or decongestant. Whooshing without obstructed hearing is an alarm to see a physician.

Heart beating in your ears

It sounds peculiar but it happens sometimes when you suddenly feel you can hear your own heartbeats. This is known as pulsatile tinnitus. According to the scientists, either your ears have heightened sensitivity to sounds, or something’s making your blood flow louder than usual.


You should seek your health care provider if the body sounds continued for a while (1).

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