Blood is meant to circulate. Pass it around.

Blood donor day is commemorated to fulfill the need of blood transfusion, motivate people worldwide to thank blood donors for their selfless initiative and promote voluntary, safe and unpaid blood donations. June 14 is celebrated every year as World Blood Donor Day since 1868 on the day of the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner with different themes. In 2018, the theme for this day is “Blood connects us all” and the host country is Greece.

Blood transfusion could be helpful to save patients from many life-threatening health conditions. Conditions can be cured by blood transfusion are-

  • Anemic women
  • Anemic child
  • Accident victims having an excess blood loss
  • Sickel cell anemia
  • Blood disorder patients
  • Blood clotting disorder
  • Surgical patients
  • Cancerous patients
  • Thalassemia patients
  • Patients on dialysis
  • Patients on chemotherapy
  • Leukemia patients
  • Lymphoma
  • Bone marrow transplant recipients
  • Any other condition that causes a chronic loss of red blood cells or platelets.

It is immensely important to take preventions to minimize blood transfusion since this is a very perilous task. Getting the right blood to the right person at the right time is very important. Contemplating this fact some preventions are recommended as-

  1. Early diagnosis and treatment of anemia and conditions cause anemia.
  2. Use of simple alternation to transfusion, for instance, intravenous replacement fluids with crystalloids in case of acute blood loss
  3. Proper anesthetic and surgery management

Also, read Blood components and its function.

Blood transfusion should not go wrong because it may carry the risk of transfusion-transmissible infections, including HIV, hepatitis viruses, syphilis, malaria and Chagas disease. Blood is sometimes transfused unnecessarily which exposed to risk and no benefits to a patient.

When there is no benefit of unnecessary transfusion, are many benefits of blood donation. Let us go through benefits of this noble cause-

  • Heart health: Donating blood improves overall cardiovascular health. It reduces the chances of getting a heart attack by 88 percent and the risk of severe cardiovascular events by 33 percent.
  • Burns calories: It helps to improve physical health. Donating one point blood (450ml) burns 650 calories. People feel more energized after regular blood donation.
  • Reduces cancer risk: Blood donation oftentimes reduces risks associated with liver, lung, colon, stomach and throat cancers.
  • Good for Liver: Blood donation helps in maintaining the iron levels and reduces the risk of various health ailments.
  • Reduced risk of Hemochromatosis:  Regular blood donation may help in reducing iron overload.
  • Enhances the production of new blood cells: It is the reason chiefly informed to a donor. At the time blood is withdrawn, the body immediately begins to replenish the lost blood. Novel red blood cells are produced by bone marrow within 48 hours of donation and all the lost ones during donation are replaced within two or three months. It helps to stay healthy and efficient.

Blood donation always helpful and medically recommended for donor’s good health. Your simple alms-deed can give a second life to someone. This hope for someone brings joy to many and can connect us all.

“When you give blood

you give another birthday,

another anniversary,

another day at the beach,

another night under the stars,

another talk with a friend,

another laugh,

another hug,

another chance.”

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