Home Remedies for Blemishes

Today I am going to share some home remedies for blemishes which are safe and natural. Believe me, you can try it at home without spending your money. Impurity is nothing but the little spots, black marks, and dust on the face. This impurity becomes the reason for pimples and another skin related disease. Sometimes, this impurity is a reason for wound, aging, sunburn, mole, etc.


Milk and Almond

Soak 2-3 almond at night. Make it fine and mix it with milk. Apply this paste to face. This will help you to get rid of impurities.


Rubbing slight pieces of potato are much effective. A paste of raw potatoes helps you to remove marks and suntan.


You may also apply fresh leaves of mint.

Other Natural Home Remedies for Blemishes:

  • Lemon is the best medicine to get rid of impurities. Lemon has Vitamin C which helps us for getting glowing skin. You can directly apply it to the face or by applying it with a mixture of sugar, rose water (Gulab Jal), honey or turmeric.
  • A dry mixture of lemon and orange bark is also effective.
  • Honey is the best solution for glowing skin. Its help to remove impurities from roots and prevent it from all type of circulation. Apply warm honey on the face for best results.
  • Tea tree oil is also effective for preventing circulation of impurity.
  • The curd is the substance that helps to remove marks.
  • A paste of curd and gram flour helps to get the glow and clean skin.
  • Tomato has the property of bleaching. It can also use as a toner for the skin to get healthy skin. Toner is used to closing the pores of skin which get opened due to massage. By using liquid tomato or rubbing slices of tomato on the face, cleanse face. You can also apply the paste of lentils and honey.
  • Sandal powder is more effective for cleansing. A paste of sandal powder, honey, and rose water (Gulab Jal) is effective for glowing, healthy and smooth skin.
  • Multani Matti has been used by ladies since for many years. It has Magnesium which is very helpful to remove impurity. By applying a paste of Multani Matti, you will get rid of impurity, dust and oily skin.
  • A paste of Neem leaves is much effective.
  • The best and effective way is to drink more water to get healthier, glowing, smooth skin.

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