1 Minute Spoon Test to Reveal Hidden Health Problems

Regular check-ups are a very important part of being healthy in life. Despite knowing the fact, we often do not care about it due to busy schedules. Today, we are going to share a spoon test that can help you diagnose health concerns. You can perform them from the comfort of your own home to reveal the hidden conditions you could be suffering from.

Many times, our body tries to give us many ill health signs. And, we tend to ignore signs that our body indicates and don’t realize that these symptoms can turn into major health problems.

One minute spoon test

  • Take a spoon and scrape its base over the entire surface of your tongue so that it abundantly wetting with saliva.
  • Put the spoon in a transparent plastic bag and keep it under the sun or any bright light.
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  • Wait for 60 seconds, and check the spoon by taking a spoon out of the bag.
  • Avoid touching the base.

Indication of the test

A clear residue that smells like saliva indicates that you are healthy. It means no odor or no unpleasant smell, then the health of your internal organs is perfect.

While most cases of bad breath involve gum disease or tooth decay, more ominous smells could mean more serious health problems such as diabetes and kidney problem.

Below are the indications of your health status of this 1-minute spoon test.

Odor Part

Putrid or sharp odor can be an indication of stomach or lung problems. This smell is much worse than your bad breath. This could be a sign of an infection in your lungs.

If your spoon smells like ammonia (a strong, pungent odor) it’s an indication of some kidney ailment.

The fruity or sweet odor indicates that you might be suffering from diabetes. This happens due to the presence of ketones that make odor sweet and fruity.

Stain Part

A white stain indicates a respiratory infection. This white build-up is caused by several infections and viruses present in the body.

The purple stain can be a sign of poor blood circulation, bronchitis, or high cholesterol levels. Bronchitis reduces airwaves that bring oxygen to the bloodstream, which can cause a purple stain.

Yellow stains on the spoon are a sign of dysfunction of the thyroid gland. These stains will have a thick coating. The conversion of beta-carotene to Vitamin A depends on the thyroid hormone. A deficiency can manifest a yellowish build-up of carotene.

Orange stain means that you are suffering from kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease can cause mouth tissues to turn pale due to anemia, or orange due to carotene-like deposits.


The one-minute spoon test should be done empty stomach, the first thing in the morning. Avoid drinking water before you perform this spoon test.

Remember, this spoon test may or may not give an accurate result about your health and it does not act as a replacement for a health checkup with your doctor.

The use of a spoon to test breath odor has long been used as a way to get a rough sense of a person’s own breath, which is normally not readily perceptible to the person creating the odor. The method, as an example, is described in a 1996 review paper in the Journal of the American Dental Association (1).

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