13 Yoga poses for flat stomach

If you are dreaming about having a flat stomach, these 13 poses of yoga will help you.

  1. Downward facing dog/ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA
  2. Hand under Foot pose Pad/Hastansana
  3. Seated forward bend pose/Paschimottanasana
  4. Gas releasing pose/Pawan Muktasana
  5. Boat Pose/NAVASANA
  6. Warrior Pose 1/VIRBHADRASANA
  7. Warrior Pose 2/Virabhadrasana II
  8. Bridge Pose/SETU BANDHASANA
  9. Cobra pose/BHUJANGASANA
  10. Bow Pose/Dhanurasana
  11. Camel Pose/Ustrasana
  12. Plank Pose/KUMBHAKASANA
  13. Legs Raised Pose/UTTANPADASANA

However, it is very much important to be regular in doing these poses. As it takes time for better outcome.

  1. Prepare your daily schedule of at least for 20 mins
  2. Choose your preferred place i.e. Outdoor or Indoor
  3. Have a balanced diet
  4. Stay hydrated &
  5. Cut down STRESS

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