weight management and gym myths

Gym training myths related to weight management

Everyone is running after gym dogged by many health desires. You and I, all want to look clean-limbed and sound. Then after dawdling from physiotherapists to the gym eventually, we settle down to the gym, tagging along with our high hopes and endless prevalent myths.

People with excess weight or fat, in particular, are ready to give their eyeteeth for their weight loss and so for the gym. There isn’t any problem if you wish to melt off fat from your belly or a certain part of your body. But the false notion is the problem. Here are some prevalent myths about gym training and weight loss;

1. Weight gain means you’re getting fat

It is merely a myth. You may be getting fat and gaining weight but only fat is not true. Because, weight gain involves an increase in muscle mass, fat deposits, excess fluids such as water, and other factors too.

So, next time when you find your weight increased do not decide at a glance it is fat.

2. You can melt off fat from certain body parts

The workout will simply help you lose overall fat but it is not in your control to curtail it from a particular part. When you start working on any specific body part lets take an instance your one leg or belly.

Though you had trained only for one particular part and noticed a change in it, the same amount of fat is also have melted off from other leg or body part.

3. You can turn body fat into muscle and vice versa

Fats and muscle are two different types of tissues. You cannot transform one into another, rather the fact is, burn the fat and build the muscle.

4. Too much cardio will help you lose weight early

Cardio is a prominent exercise for weight loss but does not hold a belief that more you do more you lose.  According to a study, to burn one pound of fat, you will have to run 35 miles. It is truly untenable. For better results, you need to oversee your diet also.

Your body burns calories after the workout. Only consistent efforts will help you achieve desired results.

5. Sweat more, burn more

While working out seeing yourself sweating off may give the ou satisfaction of burning more. But that’s not a case. When you sweat indeed lose weight but that sweat is not that trait you are looking for. It is a cooling method of your body.

However, after the intense workout, you should hydrate your body.

6. Workout makes you hungry

It is a false notion most of us demean that working out will make us hungry. High-intensity workout decreases your food cravings.

7. You should take bodybuilding supplement to build muscles

This is one of the most prevailing myths I have heard in college goers and others too. Because a well-toned physique is what that the vogue found in college. This want and a hankering for attention shoed you to take the supplement to build muscle very soon. But the tangibility is, protein supplements can help you to get your desired results if you are weight trainer or bodybuilder.

Mere to gain little muscles or to stay healthy protein supplements are not what recommended. So when next time you crave for it should concern your physiotherapist since it is kind of the other meal and acquire more concern.

8. You should eat something before the workout

A study says an empty stomach helps you burn more fat but you must be careful about your water sufficiency during a workout.

Wrap up words 

Weight management is associated with weight regain or weight loss. Though it is a very difficult task to achieve in the long-term. We have to work on behavioral factors like physical activeness, diet, and frequent monitoring of weight.

After all, weight management is a continuous process. The adoption of a lifestyle-modification approach is the key.

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