Living in a pool of radiations. How safe are we?

Everyday technology flourishes in the market, somehow reducing the efforts takes by men and providing them with their optimal functioning. Everything has its good side and bad side. It’s not always possible to have an ideal technology, but eventually, we need to learn to tackle the problem and curb the amount of damage.

We are all aware of radiation, we must’ve heard it in hospitals when we have advised an X-ray, CT scan, MRI etc. For example A mobile tower, they have a serious damage to health that’s the reason we don’t live near it. That’s out a way of taking precautions. Other common devices that carry and transfer electromagnetic radiations are Wireless connections like mobile phones, WiFi router.

Then why don’t we take precautions when it comes to these radiations affecting the children of the population. I’ve seen parents handing their huge phones to kids who haven’t even said mama or dada. When parents are not able to control their kids they hand them their mobile phones, Yeah! The latest replacement for the pacifier. We see kids playing games on the phones be it Candy crush or any racing game and gradually they get addicted to it. We were safer as we grew up playing video games, whereas the children are in danger, their health is.

Living in a pool of radiations. How safe are we?

One is so concerned about the mother who is nurturing her child in the womb, the family members take real good care. Why? Because the fetus is growing in the uterus. And there the mother uses a mobile phone regularly, she is surrounded by radiations emitted by the WiFi router or any other appliance. Once the infant is born he is exposed to all kinds of infections and radiations.

The child who just has come from a different environment has to grow and develop into a healthy child. The Brain is in the developing stages. The skull is a barrier that protects the brain from damage, but in infants, its thickness is only 1-2 mm and that of adults is 5-8 mm so imagine the penetration of the radiation into the child’s skull, it alters the cognitive functioning. 20-80% of the radiation from a phone’s antenna can penetrate up to 2 inches into the adult brain.

If you are smart enough to think what is smarter for your kids you need to make a smart choice in deciding in what environment you would like your kids to live in so that they become smart.

The image shows the area of impact in the cross-sectional view of the human brain when a cell phone is used, it worst for the younger ones as compared to the adults. Save the future!

The adults are not safe either. The radiations bring about changes in the cellular structures, it may affect the DNA bring about a mutation and change the gene sequence which may give rise to an abnormal protein causing abnormal growth of cells, commonly called cancer.

Here’s what you can do to curb the damage

Keep distance

  • Avoid handing over phones to children at a very young age, you may switch off the phone and hand it over.
  • While talking hold the cell phone away from the body to the extent possible or use it by opting for speaker
  • Avoid keeping them in your Shirt pockets or your pant pockets
  • While sleeping if you keep the phone on your pillow keep it on flight mode

Use a HEADset

  • (Wired or Bluetooth) to keep the HANDset away from the head.
  • Avoid pressing the phone handset against your head, the radiation (radio frequency) energy is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source

Talk Less

  • Limit the length of mobile calls to 30 minutes a day


  • People with active medical implants keep their mobile phone at least 15 cm away from the implant.
  • If the radio signal is weak the mobile phone may be when you are traveling or in an out of coverage area, it will increase its transmission power, in such cases Switch off mobile phones or simply avoid answering or making calls

Check the SAR value

  • Specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF).
  • We want the latest features in our mobile phones. Also, do check the SAR value of your mobile phones.
  • The maximum value limit allowed in India is 1.6 W/Kg.
  • Your phone’s SAR value is usually in the case of the cell phone or specified in the ‘About’ data on the phone itself. You may also Google to check the SAR value provided you know your model number.

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