Drinks for diabetes: What to drink? What to avoid?

Drinks for diabetes: What to drink? What to avoid?

In our previous write-ups, we have already shared the detailed list of what foods to eat, the foods to be avoided, and various dessert recipes one should have on all occasions. In this section, we are going to talk about the best drinks for diabetes, and what drinks we should avoid or limit drinking.

When choosing what to drink, there are a couple of main considerations relevant to your diabetes to take into account. Here’s a look at the best drinks for diabetes for every occasion.

Drinks for Diabetes apart from Water

Your body relies on water to function, and it’s essential for maintaining overall health — whether you have diabetes or not. According to a study, people who drink water before a meal are able to reduce their calorie consumption. 

Experts say water is the “gold standard” of healthy beverages.

Since water includes no calories, filling your glass with water as opposed to greater calorie options such as juice, soft drink, or sweetened tea or coffee can lower your total liquid calorie intake.

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The Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has got an excellent flavor. It is totally calorie-free containing a lot of antioxidants which makes it so trendy.

As it is cholesterol-free and also has low sugar content in it, it brings your blood sugar level down. Having this tea regularly just not keep the blood sugar low but also helps to keep other problems like nerve damage and damages in circulatory organs away.  

Per cup of the chamomile tea, you take, you just consume 7 grams sugar. Due to less sugar, it is low on the glycemic list too, so your body can take it more easily and digest it and use it for energy.

  • Do not add any sugar externally. Get the unsweetened cup.

Diabetes causes problems in the kidney too. So, to prevent such problems and also blindness which may occur, you need to have this tea.


Caffeinated coffee is indeed not good for health, but you can always go for the decaffeinated ones. They have polyphenols in it which help in bringing down the blood sugar level hence fighting type 2 diabetes again.

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The caffeine affects the sensitivity of insulin, so it should be avoided. But the rest which is low in calorie chart can work wonder in this case.

 Apple Vinegar Cedar

This super drink maintains the blood sugar level. It also helps in increasing the sensitivity of insulin.

The activity of complex sugars is also suppressed down by this amazing drink. It helps in losing weight and controls metabolism too, which are side effects of diabetes.

  • If you feel just the apple vinegar cider is not tasty then have some lemon and cinnamon with lime sprinkled on it.
  • Or you can add cucumber with it, just for a flavor.

Cranberry Juice

Drinking cranberry juice is recommended daily. The juice contains polyphenols which keep the cells of our body away from damage and any kind of disease. So, if your blood glucose level is running low, improve it with this amazing drink.

Spice tea

No, we are not talking of spicy foods here. But then if you add some spices like turmeric or cinnamon to your hot water and have it, it is going to helpful for you.

To fight the current pandemic situation, spice tea or typically called Kadha can help to lower your blood sugar level, both instantaneously and also over a prolonged time.

  • You can use Tulsi leaves, Garlic, Ginger, and other medicinal herbs to it.

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Black Tea

According to studies made in China, black tea contains the greatest amount of polysaccharides in it. So, the amount of sugar absorbed by the blood is arrested readily.

Have regularly three to four cups of black tea to lower your chances of being included in the list of diabetic persons by 16%.

There are also chances of having a stroke and many cardiac problems due to diabetes. You can easily get rid of these problems by having black tea.

Low-fat milk

Dairy products contain important vitamins, minerals, and proteins and they do add carbohydrates to your diet. You should be included in your diet each day.

Always choose unsweetened, low-fat, or skim versions of your preferred milk. Consuming two to three eight-ounce glasses a day is recommended.

Coconut water

Yes, you need energy drinks to keep the body boosted up. It is recommended to have coconut water as an alternative for a sports drink.

It has got low content of sugar, minerals, and is also rich in essential vitamins needed for the body. They work altogether to maintain the blood sugar level and stabilize it. It is one perfect drink for all problems.

Hot Chocolate

Oh, who doesn’t love to have hot chocolate? Almond milk, too, is tasty. So, you just need to add some hot chocolate to almond milk and make a wonderful drink.

Cocoa powder improves the metabolic activities involved with glucose and also helps in keeping the blood sugar level low. It is nutritious and has low-fat content in it.

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You can also try the high-protein chocolate smoothie recipe with ingredients like cottage cheese, cocoa powder, and almond milk. It offers below nutritional stats per serving:

  • 284 calories
  • 16.3 grams carbs
  • 42.9 grams of protein

Blessed with the fact that almond milk is low in sugar, add cocoa powder, and enjoy yourself with the rich chocolate.

Red Wine

Red wine is said to have polyphenols and resveratrol which has effects of antioxidants in it. Atherosclerosis is the major side effect of a diabetic person. This unwanted condition along with the level of sugar fluctuating is very dangerous.

It forms nitric oxide when consumed which is really helpful as it keeps the blood vessels open and healthy. If the blood vessels are dilated then blood can flow freely. It also prevents glycation in the veins.

It reduces some kilos too and keeps away the cardiac disease. But having too much alcohol can make fat settle on the liver.

If you do drink alcohol, choose a low-carb option such as;

  • A glass of brut Champagne.
  • A 5-ounce glass of dry red or white wine.
  • A 12-ounce light beer (which has 3 to 6 grams of carbs, compared with 15 grams in a 12-ounce regular beer).
  • 1 1/2 ounces of liquor with water or sugar-free mixers, or simply on the rocks.
  • You’ll also want to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. And keep a glass of water in your other hand to slow your roll and stay hydrated!

Well, alcoholic drinks are expensive. But, you have to be careful!! Do not go for too much red wine without a recommendation from your doctor.

Vegetable juice

Try vegetable juices as an alternative to fruit juices as most of the fruit juices are 100% sugar.

You can make your own blend of green leafy vegetables, celery, cucumbers, or tomato with a handful of berries for a flavorful supply of vitamins and minerals. Add berries just for the taste only.

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Drinks to avoid in diabetes

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, your focus might shift from eating unhealthy foods to more healthy choices. However, sometimes beverages can be easily overlooked (1).

A single serving of many sugary drinks can contain the same amount of sugar as a plate of food. The following lists the amount of sugar in the top drinks a person with diabetes should avoid.

Regular or diet Soda

Regular soda consumption offers a high amount of carbohydrates and calories. On average, one can have a whopping 40 grams of carbohydrates and 150 calories.

The regular soda contains caffeine which may further lead to nervousness, anxiety, or insomnia as well.

  • Sugar (per 20-ounce serving): about 51 to 77 grams

The more intake of diet soda increases the risk for metabolic syndrome and may further lead to high blood pressure, weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels. It also causes tooth decay in many.

Energy drinks

Even energy drinks are high in caffeine and carbohydrates. The energy drinks shoot up your blood sugar levels immediately. Many of the studies have found that several energy drinks may induce insulin resistance as well.

Sports drinks can be one of the top drinks a person with diabetes should avoid for several reasons.

  • Sugar (per 20-ounce serving): About 34 grams

Sweat Tea

The varying amount of sugar in sweet tea makes it one of the top drinks a person with diabetes should avoid.

  • Sugar (per 20-ounce serving): about 26 to 50 grams for many store-bought brands

Fruit Juices

As mentioned earlier, fruit juice is 100% sugar. They can add a high amount of carbohydrates to your diet.

The fruit-flavored drinks or punches may contain as much sugar which can wreak havoc on your blood sugar and increase your risk for weight gain.

Final words

You have now got some healthy drinks to have to be out of the list of diabetics! But you should also remember always that consuming sugar with these drinks may have an adverse effect on diabetics.

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  • Have all these drinks without sugar.
  • Opt more for water, tea, or low-sugar juices.
  • Enjoy everything else in moderation.
  • Be mindful of hidden carbs and sugar, particularly in ready-to-drink products.
  • Stick to the basics when it comes to diabetes management.