Diabetes and travel: How to be smart on vacations

‘Vacation’ is more than a time away, it is an outgoing experience and memory. Going on vacations is a statement draw out the enthusiastic child hidden within you. No one would wish to ruin these vivid memories due to Diabetes.

If you are a diabetic nevertheless can have fun to the fullest. Keep a tab on your diabetes and travel to vacations all over the world. You mere need to take care of few things as follows:

1. Be aware of diabetes

At first, you must be aware of diabetes and its seriousness. So that you could manage it when on vacations. Be aware of your health condition, do not go with the drift. You must know;

2. Before vacations visit your doctor

Before you leave for vacation, you should visit your doctor. Health care provider will help you prepare the schedule as per the place you are visiting and the vacation you are on. Such as if it is summer he will add more liquid stuff to make your diet fluid full.

3. Know the place you are visiting

  • You must be aware of the place, atmosphere over there, to keep yourself adaptable to that. It may be international travel, snow vacations or water vacations, being diabetic you should not avert your happiness.
  • If you are not actually in a condition to travel other time zones as per your health care provider, should reschedule vacations.
  • Sunbathing can affect your diabetes control, making blood glucose levels higher than normal.

4. How are you going to?

  • When the itinerary is decided, all is checked then check out the means you are traveling by. It may be by plane, train, boat, bus or other.
  • No matter the means you use to travel but hours of your travel should be known beforehand. So that you can plan the meals availability and can manage the schedule.
  • If you are traveling by air, you can call ahead to ask for a special diabetic, low fat, or low cholesterol meal. If they do not offer a special meal, you will need to bring a healthy meal or buy it separately. Take some snacks with you in case there are any delays.
  • If you are traveling by road for a long journey, make sure you add a few stops throughout the trip to walk or move around every hour or two. This will help you reduce your risk for blood clots.

4. Inform your colleagues or someone

When you have planned a vacation should inform your colleague or someone who is traveling with you. Aware them of your diabetes, medicines and other emergency conditions.

In case of an emergency, they can help you avert the condition immediately.

5. Diabetes checklist

There are things you must carry with you on vacations.

  • Doctors Prescription (Latest) and medicines.
  • A glucometer will help you monitor the glucose levels on vacations too.
  • If you are taking Insulin, carry some ice-packs for cooling purpose. Avoid direct sunlight or heat to the Insulin.
  • If you use an insulin pump, you can be screened without disconnecting from the pump.
  • Be sure to pack all your medicines and diabetes supplies in your carry-on luggage, and keep them with you for easy access during the flight.
  • Carry a fresh fruit and sliced raw vegetables for avoiding hypoglycemia.
  • ‘I AM DIABETIC’ identity card.

Know the foods to fight with fatigue.

6. Schedule is important

  • If you or your beloved is a diabetic have to know about their schedule and how precise they are towards it. Because the consequences of a missed routine can avert your happiness. But if you are willing to make your vacations the memory should do it without fail.
  • Diabetic has to be primitively precise about the meal then the medications and physical activity on scheduled time. Stick to your meal plan away from home. Consult a certified dietician if you want a proper travel diet plan.
  • Changes in physical activity may upset blood glucose control. This may cause swelling and not allow blood to circulate properly. During vacations, it is a usual excuse for physical activity, that there is no time or the place for exercise.

7. Other things have to be taken care

  • The alcohol has to be under check.
  • Take care of your feet.
  • The low sugar or Hypoglycemia attacks
  • In case you get sick, ask your doctor over-the-counter medicines that can help relieve colds, nausea or vomiting.

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People with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can travel all over the world – diabetes is no barrier. Make the right preparations and you should be able to minimize any potential problems.

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